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Knives and Accessories

Military Surplus & Shopping - Knives and Accessories.

Knives and Accessories from WASP
Offers a collection of high-quality, but rather expensive and exclusive, military knives. WASP claims to offer a 10 percent discount to military members, upon presentation of a valid military ID card, but I'm not sure how that works for Internet sales.

Bayonets and Knives
Selection of military bayonets and military/survival knives from IMS.

Selection of police and tactical knives from Jones Surplus.

Large Selction of Military Knives from Bynoon.

Large selection of Tactical Ops (TOPS) knives from Bestdefense.com.

A fine selection of knives from J.T. Knives. All of these knives carry a life-time warranty.

Knives and Machetes
Knives, sheaths, and machetes from Ted's Military Sales.

Military Knives
Military and survival knives from Jones Surplus.

Modest collection of military swords from Bynoon.

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