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Sample Letter of Counseling

MEMO FOR: Captain Mike Rowmanger, FR987-65-4321

From: 36TFS/CC

Subject: Letter of Counseling

1. Since your assumption of duties as the Flight Commander for the Fuels Flight, you have allowed unauthorized procedures to exist in the Flight that resulted in the structural damage to JP-5 storage tank 8-39-02J during replenishment operations on 18 July CY. You failed to familiarize yourself with appropriate fuels directives and thus you were unable to verify the proceedings in your flight. You also failed to ensure all directives were maintained up-to-date. Generally, you relied totally upon your assistant fuels officer for the day-to-day operation of your flight.

2. To function effectively as the Flight Commander, you must become more involved in the day-to-day aspects of your flight. You cannot manage from your office, accepting the counsel of your assistants without developing an adequate personal knowledge of specific procedures. You must personally set your flight's goals and personally verify they are being met.

a. You must review every fuels directive applicable to Osan Air Base. You will ensure that you are familiar with directed procedures. As a matter of routine, you will personally verify that your flight does not deviate from directed procedures unless authorized by higher authority.

b. You will submit quota requests for yourself and Lt Ragmann to attend an fuels officer course as soon as practical.

3. This letter is designed to aid you in correcting deficiencies in your performance as a flight commander. The entire chain of command is available to assist you in any way possible. We want and need your success.

4. You may, if you wish, provide written comments which will be filed as an attachment to this letter. Such comments should reach my desk no later than __________________.



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