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What are the benefits for joining the military?


Question: What are the benefits for joining the military?
Answer: There are many benefits available to military members, ranging from medical care, to special pays, to tax advantages, to the base exchange and commissary.

All of these are detailed in the feature article, What the Recruiter Never Told You, specifically, the following parts to the article:

    Part 4 -- Enlistment Contracts and Enlistment Incentives
    Part 5 -- Military Pay
    Part 6 -- Housing, Housing Allowance, and Barracks
    Part 7 -- Chow Halls and Food Allowance
    Part 8 -- Education Programs
    Part 9 -- Leave (Vacation), and Job Training
    Part 10 -- Assignments
    Part 11 -- Promotions
    Part 12 -- Military Medical Care
    Part 13 -- Commissaries and Exchanges
    Part 14 -- Morale, Welfare, & Recreation (MWR) Activities

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