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U.S. Military Frequently Asked Questions

Military Law and Legislation


Adultery. Is Adultery a crime in the military? (Click here for answer)

Article 15. I heard someone say they were going to "get an Article 15." What does this mean? (Click here for answer)

Citizenship. I'm a non-citizen, residing permamently in the United States, with a green card. Can I become a citizen after joining the U.S. Military? (Click here for answer).

Discharge Upgrades. I received a General Discharge. I heard that it can be automatically upgraded to an honorable after six months. Is this true, and how do I do it? (Click here for answer)

Drinking Age. What is the drinking age on military bases? (Click here for answer)

Employment Rights. I heard that if I joined the military, I could get my civilian job back after my time is up, or, if I was in the Reserves and got activated, I could get my civilian job back. Is this true? (Click here for answer)

Felonies. Is a court-martial conviction considered a felony? (Click here for answer)

Fraternization. Can an enlisted member date a commissioned officer or a senior noncommissioned officer? (Click here for answer)

Servicemember's Civil Relief Act. I heard that if I'm in the Reserves and get deployed, my loan interests rates can be reduced to 6 percent. Is this true? What other legal protections are there? (Click here for answer)

Sole Surviving Son/Daughter. There is an old legend that claims, if all of the male children of a family are in service and all but one of them dies in service regardless of cause, the survivor will either A) Be transferred out of the war zone to 'safe' duties in the United States; or B) The sole survivor will be granted an immediate compassionate discharge because he is "the last of his line." Is there any truth to this? (Click here for answer)

Statue of Limitations. Is there a statue of limitations for military offenses under the Uniform Code of Miltary Justice (UCMJ)? (Click here for answer)

Taxes. How can I find out about special tax situations for military members? (Click here for answer)

Urinalysis Tests. Does the military conduct drug tests? How often? (Click here for answer)

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