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AWOL and Desertion

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Marine Corps Reserves

Under Marine Corps Order P1100.72C, Reserve members who have not yet attended IADT who refuse to ship out to Basic, or who state a desire to be discharged, are administratively discharged as an uncharacterized Entry Level Separation (ELS). Members who go AWOL while in IADT are treated the same as active duty personnel who go AWOL.

Under Marine Corps Order P1001R.1J, After IADT, when a Reservist acquires at least nine unexcused absences, or is categorized as an unsatisfactory participant for reasons other than excessive absences (such as failure to attend AT), the unit commander must pursue one of the following actions: (1) Retain the Reservist and authorize him/her to regain satisfactory participation status; or (2) Initiate separation proceedings.

Coast Guard Reserves

Coast Guard Reserve procedures are contained in COMDTINST M1001.28A, Reserve Policy Manual. According to the manual, Coast Guard Reservists are obligated to: (1) Complete IADT; (2) Report per orders; (3) Attend 90% of scheduled, authorized paid weekend drills per fiscal year; and (4) Satisfy the annual training (AT) requirement.

Unsatisfactory participation is the failure to comply with any of the obligations listed above. Participation is also considered unsatisfactory when members of the SELRES acquire at least nine unexcused absences from scheduled training within a 12-month period.

What happens to Reservists who are "unsatisfactory participants" is up to the commanding officer. Reservists who have not fulfilled their statutory military service obligation (MSO) may be ordered involuntarily to active duty if they have not accumulated more than 24 months of combined active service, and shall be required to serve on active duty until their total service on active duty equals 24 months. The CO may also elect to transfer members to the IRR. Finally, the commander may elect administrative discharge.

Individuals failing to comply with any involuntary order to active duty are reported as AWOL, and handled just like active duty AWOLs.

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