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Reporting AWOL and Desertion


A Joint Terminal Attack Controller communicates a close air support mission.
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The military does not pay rewards for information received concerning the whereabouts of absentees and deserters. (Exception: If the deserter is also wanted for serious crimes, such as rape or murder, the services sometime offer rewards for information leading to their capture.) However, if you believe you know the whereabouts of someone who is AWOL or has deserted, you can report them to the individual service's Deserter Information Point, who will then determine whether or not the person is in desertion or AWOL status and take appropriate action. The DIP phone numbers are:

  • Army: (502) 626-3711/ 3712/3713
  • Navy: (847) 688-2106 (or toll free: 1-800-423-7633)
  • Marine Corps: (703) 614-3248/3376
  • Air Force: (210) 566-3752 (or toll free: 1-800-531-5501)
  • Coast Guard: 1-800-986-9678 ext. 3-6600

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