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Army JAG Corps

Lawyers of the Military


The U.S. Army JAG Corps is the nation’s oldest law firm, founded by Gen. George Washington on July 29, 1775.

The Judge Advocate General’s Corps is composed of Army officers who are lawyers. They provide a range of legal services to soldiers in the U.S. Army, including advice on immigration, landlord-tenant disputes and estate planning. The Army JAG Corps worldwide also adjudicates claims against the Army and tries criminal cases at courts-martial.

In 1802, the position of judge advocate general was suspended. Since being reinstated in 1849, the Army JAG Corps has grown in size and scope. Today, it consists of more than 3,400 full- and part-time attorneys, in addition to the paralegal noncommissioned officers, junior enlisted personnel and civilian employees who help.

The Army JAG Corps in 1951 wrote the Uniform Military Code of Justice, the code of conduct for the entire U.S. Armed Forces. Judge advocates tried Benedict Arnold for treason, prosecuted Nazi criminals at Nuremberg, Germany, and helped draft the Dayton Peace Accord to end fighting in Bosnia.

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