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Judge Advocate General’s Corps


The Air Force Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG) provides Air Force personnel with professional legal services on everything from motor vehicle accidents to courts-martial appeals to international law.

Congress established the office in 1948, shortly after the Air Force was designated a discrete military branch. Upon its inception, the office had around 200 attorneys, with Maj. Gen. Reginald C. Harmon serving as the first judge advocate general.

The Corps’ ranks have since swelled to more than 2,200 judge advocates plus 350 civilian attorneys, 1,400 enlisted paralegals and 550 civilians stationed around the globe. They take part in all actions of military justice and operational, international and civil-law functions involving the Air Force.

One of the judge advocate general’s other duties is to assign appellate judges to the U.S. Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals, which hears appeals of Air Force court-martial convictions.

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