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Letters From Home

Write2Them Helps Support Our Troops


Letters From Home
Updated June 25, 2012

I am always on the lookout for positive American businesses geared toward helping better the lives of our service men and women, and their respective family members and friends. What better way to support our troops, than to keep in touch effectively with a loved one who has been deployed, or is away without much room to communicate to their loved ones. As I was sifting through my daily e-mails, I came across a small business, called "Write2Them." This is a great idea which combines the convenience of technology, with the rules of the road for those in the service.

Helen Simmons, President and Founder of Write2Them started the service because of her own involvement with a loved one in the military, her own son.“I started Write2Them because I wanted an easy way to communicate with my son while he was at Air Force Basic Training at Lackland AFB, Texas. I knew sending an email rather than writing and mailing a letter would be easier for our family and that it would encourage his friends to stay in touch with him, too."

Often times, people can get easily discouraged or forgetful when a loved one is away. Finding time to sit down and write a letter, going to go buy stamps and envelopes, and waiting in line at the post office can get put on the back-burner when there's so many other things to do during the day. It is fair to say that writing a quick e-mail is much more convenient these days. Families and friends of new military recruits heading off to boot camp or basic training have a new service to help them keep in touch. This service can also be used when one is deployed somewhere out of the country. When traditional letters are the only available form of communication, Write2Them makes getting letters and photos from home easier. Family and friends send emails, recruits receive letters in the mail – Write2Them takes care of the rest.

When a parent or loved one signs up for a Write2Them account, a unique write2them.com email address is created for the recruit. Family and friends are then specified by the account owner and given permission to send emails to that exclusive email address for the duration of the subscription. On a daily basis, the received emails (including photos or scans of newspaper articles) are compiled, printed, and mailed to the appropriate basic training or boot camp mailing address. The recruit receives a compilation of letters and photos from family and friends, helping improve their morale. Write2Them provides service to all military basic training locations and the military service academies.

The Write2Them website also provides tools and information for parents of military recruits. A free downloadable Address Worksheet can be printed and placed by the phone for parents who are anxiously awaiting that first call from their son or daughter to provide their mailing address. Services like these are important to the military service men and women who are away and deserve all the support they can get from folks at home.

Committed to supporting military families, Write2Them donates a portion of each paid subscription to a related military charitable organization. There are also other letters you can send to civilians, such as Veterans and minors away at camp.

How it Works:
When you sign up with Write2Them, your son or daughter (or parent) is assigned a personal write2them.com email address.
You list up to 30 friends and family that can send email to this email address. We notify each person by email and let them know how they can use our service.
Friends and family can send emails from anywhere -- home, school, work, or travel. Emails can contain photos or scanned newspaper articles in JPEG format.
Emails are collected by our mail server and securely stored for processing. Attached photos or scanned newspaper articles are saved separately.
Each day, emails and photos are formatted into a letter, printed out and taken to a U.S. Postal Service processing center.
The mail is delivered and your loved one receives letters from home.

About Write2Them
Write2Them is a subscription service dedicated to improving communication between family members and loved ones around the world by turning email into letters from home. You send an email, they receive a letter – Write2Them takes care of the rest. Write2Them is located in Colorado Springs, CO and is founded and operated by military veterans and parents of a currently deployed Airman.
More information regarding Write2Them can be found at www.write2them.com or by contacting Write2Them at info@write2them.com or (719) 465-2897.

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