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Top 10 Books About Becoming a Military Officers


There are several ways to become a commissioned officer in the United States Military, including the academies, ROTC, and OCS/OTS. Here are our top picks for books and guides about the process of becoming a United States Military Commissioned Officer.

1. Army Officers Guide

“Need to know” information for newly-commissioned Army officers, including duty performance, professional development, academic opportunities, organization and missions, pay and benefits, family services, military courtesies and customs, and professional and social life. 656 pages. Published by Stackpole Books, Aug 2002.
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2. Air Force Officers Guide

“Need to Know” information for newly-commissioned Air Force officers, including contemporary leadership issues, policies, and practices; privileges, benefits, and restrictions; military courtesy and customs; and uniforms and insignia. 357 pages. Published by Stackpole Books, Mar 2002.
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3. Naval Officers Guide

“Need to know” information for newly-commissioned Naval officers, including guidance on customs and courtesies, pay and allowances, duties and responsibilities, and other key subjects relevant to Naval officers. 408 pages. Published by the United States Naval Institute, Dec 1998.
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4. Marine Officers Guide

“Need to know” information for newly-commissioned Marine Corps officers, including personnel folders and fitness reports, how to apply for and receive transit insurance, how to render salutes when small boats pass close aboard, Marine Corps history, and more. 497 Pages. Published by the United States Naval Institute, Jan 1996
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5. How to Win ROTC Scholarships

A real insider’s guide to how the Reserve Officers Training Corps scholarship selection process works. Must-read for those planning to apply for the ROTC scholarship program. 112 Pages. Published by Low Cost Press, Jul 2000.
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6. Military Flight Aptitude Tests

Detailed coverage of the flight aptitude tests given by all of the military services for officers wishing to become military aviators. 372 Pages. Published by Arco, Oct 2002.
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7. Officer Candidate Tests

A good overall review of tests used for qualification of Officers Candidate School, but contains little tutorial information. However, it is the only book currently on the market that reviews OCS tests. 400 Pages. Published by Arco, May 2002.
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8. How to Become a U.S. Naval Officer

Complete descriptions, specific step-by-step application instructions, sample forms & letters, and helpful suggestions for over 30 different naval officer selection programs. Good basic “how to” book. 226 Pages. Published by Shipshape Publications, Sep 1998.
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9. To Benning and Back

A daily, blow-by-blow, journal as the author goes through Army Basic Training and Officer Candidate School, finishing with an active duty commission. 424 Pages. Published by Unlimited Publications, Nov 2002
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10. Guide to Military Careers

While this guide also includes enlisted careers and the enlistment process, it contains a good overall guide to military officer careers and various military commissioning programs. Published by Barron’s, Sep 1998.
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