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Boot Camp Challenge
Part 1 (Getting There), Continued
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Boot Camp Challenge
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At 6:35 A.M., your girlfriend, Jane, picks you up for the ride to the Recruiting Station. You know you're going to miss Jane, but what the heck, it's only for a couple of months, or so. She did promise to write you "every single day," and to "wait for you forever."

Jill reaches under the driver's seat and pulls out a joint and lights it up.

"How about one final toke before they lock you up, Lover?"

What do you do?

Click Here Slap the joint out of her hand, screaming, "What the Hell are you doing?"
Click Here Politely tell her that you can't do drugs, as you're a member of the United States Military.
Click Here Say, "Cool," while taking the joint and inhaling deeply.
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Welcome to Boot Camp Challenge

Boot Camp Challenge is an interactive, on-going adventure, starring our hero (Private G. I. Joe), who (with your help) is trying to make it through military boot camp. If you haven't started at the beginning, here's your chance to do so.


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