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Navy/Air Force Jobs Conversion Chart
Navy Ratings Which Convert Directly to Air Force AFSCs
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Special procedures apply when a prior service individual wishes to join the United States Air Force.

In general, if a prior service member is already qualified in a job that the Air Force current has requirements for, that individual MUST enlist in that job.

If the Air Force currently has no requirements, or if that individual was in a job that does not directly translate to an Air Force AFSC, only then can the person enlist in a different job.

In most cases, this chart should also depict the opposite.

In other words, prior service Air Force personnel who's AFSC are listed below should be able to get a pretty good idea about whether or not their AFSC converts to a Navy Rating.

Here are Navy enlisted jobs which directly transfer to Air Force Jobs:





Navy Rating/NEC Air Force AFSC Navy Rating/NEC Air Force AFSC Navy Rating/NEC Air Force AFSC
AC 1C131 ET1460 2E331 MS3529 3M031
AG 1W031 ET1465 2E131 MS3538 3M031
AZ 2R131 ET1502 2EO31/32 (note 2) PH8133 3V032
AO 2W131 ET1523 2E031 (note 2) PH8136 3V032
AO6801 2W031 ET1579 2E031 (note 2) PH8143 3V033
AO6802 2W131 GM0812 3P031B PH8144 3V033
AO6810 2W131 HM-0000 4N031 PH8147 3V032
EO 2T131 (note 1) HM-8405 4F031 PH8148 3V032
MA 3P031 HM-8409 4M031 PN2612 3S031
PN 3S031 HM-8416 4R031A IT2301 3C132
AG7412 1W031A HM-8424 4A031 IT2318 3C231
CE5642 2E633 HM-8432 4E031 IT2319 3C131
CE5644 2E632 HM-8434 4N031 - SEI 486 IT2321 3C131
CTI91XX 1N33X (note 2) HM-8445 4V031 IS3905 1N031
CTI92XX 1N33X (note 2) HM-8452 4R031 8235 1A131C
CTR0000 1N33X (note 2) HM-8452 4R031 - SEI 479 8251 1A131C
CTR9147 1N33X (note 2) HM-8462 4P031 8252 1A131C (note 2)
CTM9227 2E231 (note 2) HM-8466 4J032 8261 1A131C (note 2)
IT2735 3C031 HM-8467 4J031 8262 1A131C (note 2)
IT2743 3C032 HM-8479 4A231 8263 1A131C (note 2)
ET1622 2E231 (note 2) HM-8485 4C031 8265 1A331 (note 2)
ET1623 2E231 (note 2) HM-8486 4N131B 8278 1A231 (note 2)
ET1654 2E231 (note 2) HM-8489 4N131C 8289 2T231
FC1656 2E231(note 2) HM-8493/94 4N031 - SEI 490 9522 4C0X1-475
DT-0000 4Y031 HM-8505 4T033 JO 3N031
HM8479 4A231 HM-8752/3 4Y032 9545 3P0X1
DT8752 4Y032 HM8506 4T031    
7601 2T334 HM-8541 4H031    
7607 2T334 (note 1) HM8446 4N1X1D    
7610 2T334 (note 1) HM8483 4N131    
ET1413 2E1X2 (note 2) JO 3N031    
ET1415 2E1X3 MA2002 3P031    
ET1420 2E133 MS3525 3M031    
ET1425 2E131 MS3527 3M031    

Note 1. Must have performed duty in the convertible skill within the past 18 months

Note 2: Must be reviewed by the AFCFM before awarding AFSC.

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