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Boot Camp Challenge
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Boot Camp Challenge
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Welcome to the Boot Camp Challenge, an interactive story designed to take you through some of the thrills and spills of military basic training.

For the sake of simplicity, our adventure takes place in a hypothetical near-future, where members of all the services (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard) attend the same military boot camp. While this is a work of fiction, actual situations, scenarios, and experiences have been used from all of the current U.S. Military basic training courses. Your task, in these and future episodes, will be to successful navigate your way to completion.

Boot Camp Challenge (Part 1)
The adventure begins. Join our hero (Private G.I. Joe), and give him a hand as he makes his way through the thrills and spills of military boot camp (basic training). In Part 1, Joe gets ready to ship out.

Boot Camp Challenge (Part 2)
The Arrival. In part 2, our young hero arrives at Boondocks Military Training Base.

Boot Camp Challenge (Part 3)
In-Processing. In part 3, our Private Joe starts the "in-processing process."

Boot Camp Challenge (Part 4)
The Meeting. In Part 4, Joe meets his new focus in life, the Drill Sergeant.

Boot Camp Challenge (Part 5)
The New Home. In Part 5, Joe discovers where he will be living for the next several weeks.

Boot Camp Challenge (Part 6)
The First Training Day. In Part 6, Joe experiences his first "official morning" in Boot Camp.

Boot Camp Challenge (Part 7)
The First Training Day Continues. In Part 7, Joe finishes up the first day of training.

Boot Camp Challenge (Part 8)
Fireguard. In Part 8, Joe gets through his first stint as "fireguard."

Boot Camp Challenge (Part 9)
Platoon Leader. The adventure continues after a long break. I had to put the series on hold due to other commitments. However, Private Joe is back, and wonders of wonders, the Drill Sergeant has selected him to become the recruit-leader.


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