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Items to Bring

  • marriage certificate
  • spouse's and children's birth certificate(s)
  • divorce decree (of both husband and wife)
  • court decrees for alimony/child support
  • small Bible, Holy Scripture or other religious articles (if desired)
  • prescription or reading glasses or contact lens kit (no prescription sunglasses)
  • prescribed medications
  • civilian medical records if you have any medical condition that requires treatment
  • college transcripts
  • certificate of entry (for immigrant alien recruits)

Women should arrive in conservative, comfortable slacks or jeans and shirt. No tank tops, halter tops or short-shorts are permitted. Women are also required to bring these items:

  • 6 white bras (standard white cotton -- two should be athletic support)
  • 6 panties (white cotton)
  • sanitary items (as required)
  • 2 white half-slips
  • 2 pairs of pantyhose or stockings (skin tone)
  • shampoo (in small plastic container)
  • a copy of PAP smear if one was performed six months prior to ship date
  • If currently using birth control pills, bring the pills and a copy of exam records specifying the type(s) of birth control pills both currently and previously prescribed.

Male recruits should report wearing appropriate civilian clothing. All recruits may bring:

  • maximum of $25 in cash
  • light sweater or jacket (recommended in winter months)
  • postage stamps

Recruits - Do not bring:

  • food, candy, chewing gum or alcoholic beverages;
  • cigarettes or other tobacco products;
  • sharp objects, scissors, fingernail files or manicure kits;
  • lighter fluid, non-disposable lighters, matches, aerosol cans, perfumes, colognes, liquid shoe polish or any articles in glass containers;
  • radios, books, tape recorders, non-prescription or prescription sunglasses, musical instruments, sports equipment or cameras;
  • firearms, explosives, ammunition, knives or weapons of any kind;
  • calculators or electronic games;
  • lewd or obscene photographs or literature;
  • cards or dice;
  • non-prescription medicine, drugs or vitamins;
  • low-cut or two-piece swimsuits;
  • illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia;
  • Jewelry (except for a small religious medal, wedding and/or engagement ring and a conventional, conservative watch). While in uniform you're not allowed to wear any other jewelry.

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