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United States Military Basic Training Attrition Rates
Discharge Rates for Military Boot Camp
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Below are the rates of military recruits who fail to make it through the respective military boot camp. The services report that most recruits fail to complete basic training for medical reasons, including injuries and previously undisclosed physical or mental conditions, and other performance-related issues.

DoD officials keenly watch recruit attrition numbers, especially since the cost of recruiting new service members averages about $11,000 each -- some $3,000 more than just a few years ago. Combined with an average cost of initial entry training at $35,000, DoD's investment in military recruit accessions and training is enormous since more than 200,000 of America's youth are recruited for active military service each year.

Service 1998 rate Latest Available Rate (2006)
Army 17.9% 13.6%
Air Force 8.8% 7.1%
Navy 17.0% 14.0%
Marines 13.5% 11.7%

Non-medical recycle rates (where a recruit is "recycled" to spend more time in boot camp to overcome problems) for all the services are about the same, fluxuating between five and ten percent.

Information Courtesy of Department of Defense (DOD)

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