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Boot Camp Challenge
Part 2 - Arrival
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Boot Camp Challenge
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Welcome to the Boot Camp Challenge, an interactive story designed to take you through some of the thrills and spills of military basic training.

To refresh your memory, or if this is your first time with Joe, you may wish to work your way through the previous episodes (it's not a good idea to be thrown into boot camp on the second day of training. Almost guaranteed to get you noticed).

For the sake of simplicity, our adventure takes place in a hypothetical near-future, where members of all the services (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard) attend the same military boot camp. While this is a work of fiction, actual situations, scenarios, and experiences have been used from all of the current U.S. Military basic training courses. Your task, in this and future episodes, will be to successful navigate your way to completion.

Airport Reception

In a while, the female NCO goes back into the room off of the side of the waiting area, and returns with the big kid (who's last name, you've discovered, is Bulli). The NCO leads a heavy-breathing Bulli to a plastic seat on the other side of the room, speaks to him breafly, then returns to her post at the front reception counter.

A sweat-soaked Bulli looks over at you across the room. His mean, piggy eyes shoot daggers, promising you a slow, tortured death the second he can get away with it.


Point at him and laugh hysterically
Ignore him and pretend to sleep
Return to Beginning (Part I)


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