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ABCs of the ASVAB



The ASVAB contains nine separately timed sub-tests:

General Science (GS) - 25 questions concerning general high school-level science (biology, chemestry, physics, environmental science, astronomy, ect.) with an 11 minute time-limit.

Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) - 30 math word problems with a 36 minute time-limit.

Word Knowledge (WK) - 35 question vocabulary test, with an 11 minute time-limit.

Paragraph Comprehension (PC) - 15 reading comprehension questions with a 13 minute time-limit.

Auto & Shop (AS) - 25 questions about principles of automobiles and recognition of common tools, with an 11 minute time-limit.

Mathematics Knowledge (MK) - 25 math questions with a 24 minute time-limit.

Mechanical Comprehension (MC) - 25 questions concerning mechanical principles, with a 19 minute time-limit.

Electronics Information (EI) - 20 questions about basic electronics, with a 9 minute time-limit.

Assembling Objects (AS) - 16 questions, which measure your ability with spatial relationships, with a 9 minute time-limit.

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