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FY 2007 U.S. Military Recruiting Statistics


Updated October 11, 2007

The Department of Defense has announced its recruiting statistics by the active and reserve components for Fiscal Year 2007. A "Fiscal Year" runs from October through December.

All of the active duty branches met or exceeded their recruiting goals for the fiscal year. On the Reserve side, four of the six reserve componants met or exceeded their recruiting goals.

The Army's recruiting sucess was not without price. During Fiscal Year 2007, only 79 percent of the new recruits entering the Army possessed a high school diploma. The DOD standard is that at least 90 percent of new recruits should have a high school diploma. The other services met or exceeded the 90 percent goal.

The Army also approved more criminal history waivers than they have in years past. About 15 percent of new recruits required a criminal history waiver. 87 percent of those approved waivers were because of misdemeanor convictions, and the remainder for more serious offenses, including felonies.

The next two years of recruiting will be even more challenging for the Army. Congress has decided to increase the total size of the Army by 74,000 by 2010 — to 547,000 active duty, reservists and National Guard. This will require significantly higher recruiting goals than the 80,000 goal which has challenged the Army for the past two years.

Fiscal 2007 Enlisted Recruiting from October 1, 2006 - September 30, 2007:

07 Recruiting Statistics

Componant Accessions Goal Percent
80,407 80,000 101
37,361 37,000 101
Marine Corps
35,603 35,576 100
Air Force
27,801 27,801 100
Air National Guard
9,975 10,690 93
Air Force Reserve 7,110 6,834 104

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