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Military Employment Opportunities

Military Employment Opportunities. Online Resources to help military, former military, and veterans find employment opportunities in the cilvilian world.

Air Force JROTC Instructor Duty
The Air Force needs more military retirees to take on teaching roles in high-school classrooms as the service expands its Junior ROTC program. The 744 units in high schools worldwide offer many opportunities for qualified, eligible Air Force retirees.

Career Planning
Valuable information for planning your future career after military service.

Career Information
Planning a new career after the military? Must-read information about planning your future career moves.

Cover Letters
In the continuing series of "Life After the Military," guest-author Doris Appelbaum explains the importance of your resume cover letter. Your cover letter and resume are really sales pieces designed to market your credentials so you will outperform your competitors. To maximize the success of your campaign, your cover letter and resume should address the needs of your potential employer.

De-Militarize Your Resume
Part I of the Life After the Military series. If you are an ex-military person who has decided to seek work in the general workplace, you know that you will have some problems convincing the world you know anything except how to wage war. You can convince them, but it will take work.

Disabled Veteran Employment
Each year, in service to our nation, thousands of former military personnel join the ranks of disabled veterans. Overall, there are millions of disabled veterans. Job hunting for these special veterans can be tough. Military employment expert Doris Appelbaum gives some tips and advice for disabled vets seeking employment.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Great feature article by About.com Guide Judith Kautz about entrepreneurial opportunities for veterans.

Helmets to Hardhats
Helmets to Hardhats is a national program that connects transitioning active-duty and reserve-component members with training and employment opportunities with the construction industry.

Jobs for civilians at various U.S. military bases from your About.com Guide to U.S. Government Information and Resources.

Military Service Credit for Federal Civilian Retirement
In general, military service can be credited to Federal Government Employee Retirement, if the employee makes a contribution to the retirement fund of seven percent of the base pay they received while in the military.

More Military Members Now Eligible for Veteran's Preference
Military members now have increased eligibility for veterans’ preference when released or discharged from active duty, Office of Personnel Management officials wrote in a recently released memo.

Navy & Marine Corps Transistion Assitance Program
All Hands article detailing the Navy & Marine Corps Transistion Assistance Programs.

Professional Resume Writers - Should You Hire One?
Searching for employment after a military career can be a daunting task. In part 9 of the continuing series, 'Life After the Military,' guest-author Doris Appelbaum discusses whether you should consider hiring a professional to write your resume.

The Importance of Mentors
Part 2 of the Life After the Military series. We all need mentors, whether in military or civilian life. By finding and cultivating suitable people as mentors, you will tilt the scales in favor of finding a successful second career. It is this type of sponsorship that will ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Transitioning and Fears
Many transitioning military feel a need to cover all contingencies before proceeding with an action or plan. This may appear to reflect reasonable caution and planning. Actually, it can stall a person to the point of getting nowhere.

Transitioning to a Civilian Career
Searching for a job after the military that fits your skill-set and conforms to your separation date can be difficult and discouraging - especially in today's economy. Guest-Author Doris Appelbaum provides some helpful tips about preparation and where to go online for one of the biggest career moves you'll ever make.

Transitioning to a Civilian Career
Getting Out of the Military? Then this special guest article by Alex Baxter is what you're looking for. Tips and advice about making that big move from a military career to the civilian job market.

Troops to Teachers
Military members with a baccalaureate degree or higher are eligible to begin the teaching certification process to become an academic subject teacher. However, many service members may already qualify to become a vocational/technical teacher.

Unemployable? Too Young? Too Old?
The average United States senator is 59.8 years old, and the typical Fortune 500 chief executive is 56. But frequently the focus is on the drawbacks of aging. Do age or experience lead to better management or public policy? Part 3 of the continuing series, Life After the Military.

Veterans Preference for Federal Employment
Since the time of the Civil War, Veterans of the Armed Forces have been given some degree of preference in appointments to Federal jobs.

Where the Jobs Are (and Are Not)
Military employment expert Doris Appelbaum returns with tips and advice for finding the right job for you, once your adventure in the United States Military is over.

Air Force Benefits
Complete explanation of benefits and entitlements offered to career Air Force civilian employees.

Air Force Career Incentives
Overview of Air Force civilian personnel merit promotion system.

Air Force Civilian Recruiting Program
Overview of the three primary methods the Air Force uses to recruit high-quality civilians for employment.

Air Force Job Vacancies
Listing of hard to fill or new jobs open for Air Force civilians. Most of these jobs are for current AF employees, only.

Overview of benefits offered to Federal Government employees.

Military.com helps you take the steps to launch a new career after the military.

Civilian Equivalents to Military Jobs
Not every military job has a civilian equivalent. But, for those jobs that do, here is where you can find out what that equivalent is.

Coast Guard Job Openings
Coast Guard Job OpeningsListing of current civilian job openings and qualifications in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Coast Guard
Coast Guard civilian personnel Home page. Provides information on civilian employment policies in the United States Coast Guard.

Corporate Gray
Corporate Gray Online offers free military transition services to help retiring/separating military personnel connect with great companies nationwide.

Don Peña, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, began CorpsCareers in 2001 after his own transition struggle from the military to the civilian world. CorpsCareers, he hopes, will ensure an easier transition for his fellow veterans.

DOD Occupational Database
The ODB provides data on Service occupations, DoD Occupation Codes, and occupation descriptions, requirements, histories, and relationships to civilian occupations to support DoD, Service, and other federal agency manpower and personnel programs.

Employment Resources
A host of great employment resources from Air Force Crossroads.

Government Jobs
Federal Government Job listings.

Hot Job Opportunities for Those Getting Out
Database of civilian job opportunities for military members getting ready to separate or retire.

Job Fairs
Job fairs still offer a number of advantages and this is where NCOA comes to the rescue. NCOA hosts job fairs every month at various sites throughout the United States.

Job Openings
Complete listing of advertised government (GS and WS) job openings.

Job Opportunities for Ex-Military
CivilianJobs.com comprises a suite of services that help America’s top companies find military-experienced talent. Thier online job board, job fairs and military base publication coupled with unique pre-matching process deliver valuable talent to hiring managers and terrific job opportunities to ex-military job seekers.

Job Placement Service
Bradley-Morris, Inc. provides military job placement services to job seekers who are undergoing military separation, and job seekers with military experience who have worked in the civilian sector.

Jobs by MOS
At America's Job Bank, you can type in your MOS (Army & Marines), AFSC (Air Force) or Rating (Navy and Coast Guard), and look for civilian job listings for that military experience.

Jobs for Ex-Military
A FREE Service to those transitioning from the military to a civilian career and a means for corporations that seek to hire ex-military personnel.

Jobs for Veterans
VetJobs.com is owned and operated by veterans for veterans. Ted Daywalt (President) and Keith Baker (COO) are both retired senior Naval Officers who have had years of experience in the recruiting industry. They have put together a seasoned management team of professionals to assist companies, recruiting firms and hiring authorities to successfully reach the military veteran market.

Lucas Group Military Careers
Lucas Group has placed more transitioning military personnel (10,000+) into civilian careers than any other organization over the past 30 years.

Transition site for veterans, military spouses, and transitioning military personnel. The services offered here are free to both military candidates and employers.

Created by veterans for veterans, seeking employment. All services for job-seekers are free.

Officer Placement Service
The Retired Officers Association Officer Placement Service online.

Operation Transition
Board for military/former military looking for employment.

Orion International – Military Transition and Placement Firm
Providing military transition assistance and veteran job placement for military professionals, including junior military officers, noncommissioned officers, and enlisted technicians.

Recruit Military
RecruitMilitary’s unique web hiring system was designed exclusively by military veterans, so you can expect features and services that are relevant to your career change.

Expert resume service and transitional assitance advice, geared toward separating military members.

Transition Assistance
Getting out? Transition Assistance Online - TAOnline.com can help you get that next job.

VEC of Monterey
The Veterans Employment Committee of Monterey County, CA, assists veterans with employment issues.

VEC of San Gabriel Valley
Information and assistance for veteran employment in San Gabriel Valley, CA.

VEC of San Meteo
The Veterans Employment Committee promotes the employment of veterans in San Mateo, California.

VEC of Santa Clara
The Veterans Employment Committee of Santa Clara County, CA, provides information and assistance to veterans seeking employment.

Veteran Preference
Information about using veteran's preference procedures in obtaining federal employment.

Veterans Employment & Training
Department of Labor Site to help military veterans qualify for, and locate jobs.

Welfare to Work Program
Information about obtaining a federal job through the Welfare to Work program.

Indeed Military Employment Services
Employment opportunities for former members of the United States Military and their families.

Jobs to Veterans
Our Military Jobs Transcoder was created to make it easier for Veterans to find jobs and have a better experience in the process.

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