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New Army Infantry Weapons

New weapons systems being tested by the Army for Infantry.

Infrared Laser Pointer
The AN/PEQ-2A is designed to allow soldiers to effectively engage targets at night with small arms weapons while wearing night vision goggles.

Line of Sight, Anti-Tank
The LOSAT weapon system consists of an expanded capacity HMMWV chassis, hyper-velocity Kinetic Energy Missiles, resupply trailer, and a second generation FLIR/TV acquisition system. The LOSAT system is a highly mobile, all-weather, day/night, direct-fire anti-armor system capable of defeating threat forces at a range of several kilometers.

Long range Sniper Rifle
The Long Range Sniper Rifle is a caliber .50, man-portable sniper weapon system with a detachable box magazine, affixed adjustable bipod, and optical sight.

Modular Lightweight Load bearing Equipment
MOLLE is a joint service item designed and developed to incorporate the requirements of the Army and Marines. It consists of a modular rucksack with removable compartments and components, and fighting load vest that can accept removable pockets for the Rifleman, Pistol, Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) Gunner, and Grenadier configurations.

Mortar Ballistic Computer
The Mortar Fire Control System-Commander's Interface (MFCS-CI) computer is the interim solution for an XM31 platform.

Mortar Fire Control System
The MFCS is an automated fire control system designed to provide improvements in command and control of mortar fires and the speed of employment, accuracy, and survivability of mortars.

Objective Force Warrior
Objective Force Warrior (OFW) is an Army Science and Technology Program that will provide the basis for a major system level block upgrade to the Land Warrior System.

Objective Individual Combat Weapon
The OICW system will be developed to meet user requirements with lightweight lethality overmatch, extended range, ability to defeat defilade targets, interface with the Land Warrior system, and the incorporation a multifunctional fire control system that provides day, night, and all weather capability.

Rifle Launch Entry Munitions
The RLEM will provide a new capability to remotely breach doors and windows with minimum collateral damage, thus providing the potential to dramatically increase soldier survivability.

Thermal Weapon Sight
The TWS-OMNI is lightweight, low-powered, thermal imaging weapon sight. Two TWS-OMNI configurations were evaluated during this test: the medium weapon thermal sight (MWTS), and the heavy weapon thermal sight (HWTS).

Tow Fire and Forget
The FOTT missile will use fire and forget technology and be compatible with all existing and planned TOW platforms through the use of platform appliqué patch kits.

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