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How To Obtain a Cold War Certificate

A simple how to on obtaining a cold war recognition certificate from the Department of Defense.

How To Survive Boot Camp

A simple how to on surviving military boot camp

How To Obtain Military Records

A simple how to on obtaining a copy of information in your military records.

How To Spit-Shine Your Boots

The quality of a soldier is often measured by how much time, effort and care he/she expends their boots. Here's how to apply that high-gloss spit shine:

How To Locate Air Force Personnel

A simple how to on locating air force personnel

How To Garnish Military Pay For Support

A simple how to on garnishing military pay for alimony and child support.

How To Request Replacement Medals

A simple how to on getting new medals and decorations from the government

How To Change Your Military Record

A simple how to on changing your military record

How To Ship Your Vehicle Overseas

Military personnel are allowed to ship one privately owned vehicle (POV) on most overseas assignments. Here's how to make sure you're ready when you deliver your vehicle to the shipping port:

How To Upgrade Your Military Discharge

A simple how to on applying to have your military discharge upgraded

How To Calculate Your Reenlistment Bonus

A simple how to on calculating the amount of your military reenlistment bonus

How To Compute Your AF Promotion Points

A simple how to on calculating your air force enlisted promotion points.

How To Beat the Heat the Military Way

A simple how to on keeping cool during hot weather

How To Fold the U.S. Flag

A simple how to on the proper way to fold the United States Flag.

How To Stay on Military Bases Cheap

A simple how to on staying space-available in military lodging facilities for the fraction of the cost of motel rooms.

How To Tell if You're *Really* Out of the Army

Military folks look at things different than civilians, here are some humorous ways to tell if you're really out of the Army:

How To Rent a Condo For $249 Per Week

A simple how for military personnel, including active duty & reserves, military retired, and military family members on renting a condo for $249 per week.

How To Survive in Combat (Humor)

While humorous, many of these military surviving in combat rules have proven to be entirely true:

How To Tell if You're Too 'Hoorah'

In the military, there is such a thing as being too dedicated -- Here's are some humorous ways to tell if you're too "ate up:"

How To Shape Your Beret

Military berets are not designed to be worn off the rack. They must first be shaved and shaped to present the sharpest military image

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