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2009 BAH for Enlisted Members with Dependents



Updated December 16, 2008

Below are the rates of tax-free housing allowance (Basic Allowance for Housing, or BAH) that are provided to enlisted military personnel (with dependents) who are authorized to reside off base at government expense in the state of WEST VIRGINIA, for calendar year 2009.

In calendar year 2004, service members living "on the economy" paid an average of 3.5 percent of the housing costs out-of-pocket. That percentage dropped to zero in calendar year 2005, and has remained at zero ever since. Housing allowance rates are based upon rank, location, and whether or not a member has dependents.

The Department of Defense (DOD) employs Runzheimer International to collect the nation-wide housing cost data that they use to compute BAH. Additionally, DOD obtains current data from multiple sources, employing a "checks and balances" approach to ensure reliability and accuracy. Current residential vacancies, identified in local newspapers and real estate rental listings, are an important source of data. Vacancies are selected at random, and subjected to a screening process. Telephone interviews establish the availability and exact location of each unit sampled. DOD has designed the sample to obtain a statistical confidence level of 95% or higher. DOD also contacts apartment and real estate management companies to identify units for rental pricing. It is not uncommon for DOD to consult real estate professionals in a locality to obtain confirmation and additional sources of data. Where available, DOD contacts fort/post/base housing referral offices, to tap local military expertise and gain insights into the local concerns of military. Finally, DoD and the Services conduct on-site evaluations at various locations to confirm and ensure reliability and accuracy of the cost data.

For localities in the state of WEST VIRGINIA not shown on the chart below, see the DOD BAH Database. For more BAH information, see the 2009 BAH Rates Menu.

2009 BAH Rates for WEST VIRGINIA for Enlisted With Dependents

Location E-1/E-4 E-5 E-6 E-7 E-8 E-9
MORGANTOWN, WV 1082 1239 1389 1422 1459 1512
HUNTINGTON, WV 850 884 1202 1222 1243 1282
CHARLESTON, WV 789 831 1009 1088 1175 1274
BECKLEY, WV 735 799 874 926 983 1049
MARTINSBURG, WV 1139 1270 1386 1472 1567 1686
CLARKSBURG, WV 835 974 1040 1087 1139 1238
PARKERSBURG, WV 788 850 982 1002 1024 1065

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