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Military Health & Medical Care

Military Health & Medical Care. Consistently voted the number one benefit concern among military members. Keep up to date on laws and benefits which seem to change daily.
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Electronic Medical Records System
The U.S. military demonstrated its new Internet-based electronic medical records system to reporters at a rollout ceremony at Bethesda, MD on November 21, 2005. The $1.2 billion system uses off-the-shelf technology and began phase-in across the force in January 2004. Today, it's been deployed to about 60 percent of the military; full fielding is estimated to occur around January 2007.

Military Medical Care, Explained
Depending upon their status, active duty members, retired members, members of the Guard/Reserves, family members, and certain veterans receive free or government subsidized medical and dental care. For the most part, this care falls under an overall program known as "Tricare." While the Tricare system may appear to be complicated at first glance, it's really not all that hard to understand.

Airline Tickets (Free) For Wounded/Sick Military Heros
Although the Defense Department provides a travel entitlement for service members and their families in serious medical emergencies, the Fisher House Foundation is hoping to help those service members and families not covered under the rule.

Anthrax Vaccine Effectiveness
News article about the effectiveness of the Anthrax Vaccine.

Anthrax Vaccine Shortage
DoD's dwindling supply of anthrax vaccine has forced a temporary slowdown in inoculations.

Laser Eye Surgery
With only a few exceptions, active duty soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are allowed to have their vision corrected with laser eye surgery and not worry about it affecting their careers.

Laser Eye Surgery -- Personal Experience
All of the services offer laser eye surgery to their military personnel. The procedures are limited, and there is specific criteria to meet in order to be eligible. Our favorite sea-going sailor, STG1 Patrick Long recently had the procedure done, and was kind enough to share the experience with us in his continuing series about life aboard a U.S. Navy Ship, Diary of a Sea-Going Sailor.

Army Laser Eye Surgery Policies
While there are limits on the kinds of surgery aviation, special forces, diving and HALO (High-Altitude, Low-Opening) students may have, the Army now allows the surgery for most occupational specialties.

Air Force Laser Eye Surgery Policies
Air Force Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Paul K. Carlton Jr. recently signed a memorandum allowing Air Force members who are designated as priority two in the Air Force's Warfighter Photorefractive Keratectomy Program to receive the procedure at one of the Air Force's laser centers.

Navy/Marine Laser Eye Surgery Policies
The current laser eye surgery policies for the Navy and Marine Corps, both for new recruits (those joining) and for those already in the military.

Medical Standards
Medical standards for continued service in the United States Military.

Initial Medical Standards
Medical standards for enlistment, appointment, or induction in the Armed Forces of the United States.

Medical Profile (PULSE) Chart
Exactly what those numbers mean on a military medical profile chart.

Complete information for service people about Anthrax, including the threat, the vaccine, and DOD policy.

Army Nurse Corps Home Page
Information and resources for Army nurses, including promotion and assignment opportunities.

Armed Forces Blood Program office has information concerning the policy of blood donations in DOD.

Breast Cancer
Department of Defense information on breast cancer, policy, treatment, and information.

DEERS Address Change
Now you can change your Defense Eligibility and Enrollment Reporting System data online.

Family Member Travel
New benefits added to the per diem regulations in October 2003 allow the military to provide financial assistance for up to two non-military family members who are traveling to be with a hospitalized military member.

Federal Employee Health Benefits
Questions and answers about medical benefits for federal employees.

Fisher Houses
Location and information about these houses, constructed for military family members to stay while a loved one is in a military treatment facility.

Gulf War Illness
Search a collection of recently declassified military documents to retrieve information about the syndrome, and find out what DOD is doing to help veterans.

Gulf War Illness Studies
Published studies and information about the Persian Gulf War Illness Syndrome.

Gulf War Syndrome Information
A series of papers and information pages concerning the Gulf War Syndrome.

Hepatitus C
DOD information about prevention, treatment, tracking, and latest news about the Hepatitus C virus.

Mental Health
Requirements to perform mental health evaluations on active duty military personnel.

Operation Special Delivery
Provides free Labor Doula (Child Birth) Support to pregnant wives of the U.S. Military members that taking part in Operation Enduring Freedom. Also provides, free Labor Doula Support to the pregnant wives of the U.S. Military members that have become widowed as a direct result of September 11th or Operation Enduring Freedom.

Uniformed Services Family Health Plan
The USFHP is an alternative to TriCare, which many people find much better. The catch is you have to live in one of seven specific service areas to use it.

Virtual Navy Hospital
Information about the Navy medical care system.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Get information about the services offered at the military's largest active duty medical center.

Vaccinations given to members of the United States Military in Basic Training, routine immunizations throughout the career, and special vaccinations for alert forces and deploying forces.

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