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National Guard Education Benefits
State-by-State Education Benefits for Members of the National Guard
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All members of the Reserves and National Guard are eligible for the Reserve Montgomery GI Bill, if:

  • They are within 10 years from the date they became eligible (after initial entry training)
  • Have at least a six year Reserves commitment (Must have enlisted in the Guard/Reserves for a minimum of six years)
  • Have completed their initial active duty training (basic training and Technical School/AIT/A-School)
  • Remain in a drill status (One weekend per month and two weeks per year)

In addition to federal education benefits (Reserve Montgomery GI Bill), all states offer additional educational benefits for members of the National Guard. These programs are operated, funded, and managed under the laws of the individual state, not the federal government. In most cases, both the Reserve Montgomery GI Bill and the Active Duty GI bill may be used at the same time with State educational programs.

Educational benefits for National Guard members offered by the individual states are shown in the chart below. It should be noted that these benefits are subject to available funds and it is not unusual for a state to suspend benefits when funding runs out. While every effort has been made to ensure the below information is current (as of August 2002), the programs are subject to individual state laws, which can be changed at anytime by state legislators. One should check with their individual state National Guard agency or National Guard recruiter for the latest information and programs.

State Program Limitations/Remarks
Alabama $500 per semester Covers tuition, books, supplies and fees. Limit $1,000 per year.
Alaska 100% Can be used only at schools in the University of Alaska system.
Arizona $126 per credit hour Maximum of $2,412 per fiscal year. Military members with more than 10 years of service have priority when funds are limited.
Arkansas $1,000 per semester Maximum of 4 semester per year. Can be used only at Arkansas public and private colleges and universities.
California None
Colorado 100% Can be used only at selected Colorado state schools.
Connecticut 100% Tuition Waiver Applies only to Connecticut state public universities or community-technical colleges.
Delaware 100% 100% of tuition at Delaware state institutions and an equivalent dollar amount for private institutions.
District of Columbia $1,000 per semester/quarter Can be used at any approved college university or educational institution.
Florida 100% or 50% 100% for those who enlisted in the Florida National Guard on or after 1 July 1997, and 50% for those who entered before 1 July 1997. Applies to Florida state community colleges and universities.
Georgia 100% Can't exceed $2,500 per school year. Also available an $800 loan for full-time students and a $400 loan to part-time students. TA/loan is valid only for students in bachelor degree programs.
Hawaii 100% or 50% 100% at Hawaii state community colleges and 50% at Hawaii universities.
Illinois 100% Any Illinois state-supported college or university.
Indiana 100% Any Indiana state school
Iowa 50% Iowa state universities and community colleges and selected private universities.
Kansas 100% Any Kansas state-supported school, for any certificate, diploma or degree, up to a bachelor degree. Members are required to serve in the Kansas National Guard for 4 years after last TA payment.
Kentucky 100% Any Kentucky state university, community college or vocational school. Only available to enlisted members.
Louisiana 100% Louisiana state operated colleges or universities. Limited to award of bachelor degree or five academic years, whichever occurs first.
Maine 100% Regionally accredited Maine public post-secondary schools.
Maryland 50% Limited to six semester hours per semester. Only valid for Maryland state-supported colleges and universities. Some members may be eligible for 100% tuition assistance with certain restrictions.
Massachusetts 100% Massachusetts state colleges and universities. Maximum of 130 credit hours, total.
Michigan $2,000 per academic year Must enroll in approved courses at Michigan state colleges, universities, technical schools, and vocational/trade schools.
Minnesota Varies Partial tuition and textbook reimbursement.
Mississippi $1,000 per semester and $500 per term Offers $1,000 per semester at 4-year colleges and universities and $500 per term at community colleges. Only for O-3s and below.
Missouri 50% or 100% 100% for those with less than 10 years of service who joiined before 1 April 2001. 50% for all others. Limited to 15 credit hours per semester.
Montana 75% Montana state schools.
Nebraska 75% Nebraska state-supported colleges, university or technical colleges.
Nevada 50% Nevada state universities and community colleges. Must maintain at least a "C" average.
New Hampshire 100% New Hampshire state schools and universities. Space-available basis. Must be a legal state resident.
New Jersey 100% New Jersey state university or community college.
New Mexico 100% State-supported schools.
New York 100% 100% in state for New York public colleges and universities or equal funds for in-state private schools.
North Carolina $2,000 per year North Carolina state-approved colleges and universities. Limited to $8,000 total benefit.
North Dakota 100% North Dakota state colleges and universities.
Ohio 100% Ohio state schools. Equivalent funds for private schools.
Oklahoma 100% Oklahoma state colleges and universities. State offers some scholarships to National Guard members, as well.
Oregon $10,000 Student Loan Repayment Oregon will repay up to $10,000 in student loans.
Pennsylvania 100% Based upon tuition rates of Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.
Pueto Rico Variable Rates vary depending on number of classes being taken. National Guard members can transfer benefits to their spouse.
Rhode Island National Guard members are allowed to attend one undergraduate course per semester for free, at Rhode Island state colleges or universities.
South Carolina $20,000 Student Loan Repayment 15% (or $2,000, whichever is greater), each year the member is in the National Guard, on the current balance for all guaranteed student loans. Maximum repayment of $20,000.
South Dakota 50% South Dakota state universities or technical schools.
Tennessee $3,500 per year
Texas 100% Limited to a maximum of 12 credit hours per semester.
Utah $400 per semester $400 per semester or $800 per year. Maximum benefit of $4,000.
Vermont 25% Available at select schools only. $2,500 interest-free student loan for courses in any Vermont state school.
Virginia 50% Maximum of $500 per term, or $1,000 per year.
Virgin Islands 32 free credit-hours at the University of the Virgin Islands. Available for graduate or undergraduate degree programs.
Washington Varies Offers tuition reductions to National Guard members at Washington State University. Some scholarships also available.
West Virginia 100% Undergraduate degrees at any West Virginia state schools. Equivalent funds for in-state private schools.
Wisconsin 100% Amount of tuition is based on tuition rate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Wyoming 100% University of Wyoming and selected other schools.

Note: In addition to an Air National Guard and an Army National Guard, the states of New Jersey and New York also have a state Naval Militia, and the above programs apply to those agencies, as well.

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