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Navy Full Time Support (FTS) Program


Navy Full Time Support (FTS) sailors are members of the Navy Reserves who perform full-time active duty, receiving the same pay, allowances, and benefits as active duty members.

The purpose of the Full Time Support (FTS) program is to train and administer the Navy Reserve. It is open to both male and female personnel. Enlisted FTS personnel serve in demanding billets both at sea and ashore, providing the support necessary to prepare Navy Reservists to deploy when needed. The primary advantage of FTS over regular active duty is that FTS folks generally spend longer at a single location (they are not re-assigned as often), and there are Navy reserve bases available to be stationed at that are not normally available for active duty sailors.

Enlisted FTS personnel may be assigned to operational units (such as Navy Reserve Force ships and Reserve air squadrons), shore activities (like Navy Operational Support Centers), and majore shore commands (such as the Chief of Naval Operations, Navy Personnel Command, and the Navy Reserve Forces Command).

Enlisted ratings (jobs) available in the FTS program are:

AC - Air Traffic Controller

AD - Aviation Machinist’s Mate

AE - Aviation Electrician’s Mate

AM - Aviation Structural Mechanic

AME - Aviation Structural Mechanic (Safety Equipment)

AO - Aviation Ordnanceman

AS - Aviation Support Equipment Technician

AT - Aviation Electronics Technician

AW - Aviation Warfare Systems Operator

AZ - Aviation Maintenance Administrationman

BM - Boatswain’s Mate

CS - Culinary Specialist

DC - Damage Controlman

EM - Electrician’s Mate

EN - Engineman

ET - Electronics Technician

HM - Hospital Corpsman

HT - Hull Maintenance Technician

IC - Interior Communications Electrician

IT - Information Systems Technician

MR - Machinery Repairman

NAC - Naval Air Crew, 82xx

NC - Navy Counselor

PR - Aircrew Survival Equipmentman

PS - Personnel Specialist

SK - Storekeeper

YN - Yeoman

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