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Army IRR Musters


Updated November 18, 2010

The Army plans a physical muster of about 10,000 Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Soldiers beginning in March. In the past, members of the IRR weren't required to physically report for muster, due to funding reasons. However, following a successful test program last year, the Army has initiated a physical muster program. Soliders required to muster will receive official orders.

Soliders required to muster will be paid $205 for the one-day event.

Individuals are placed in the IRR if they separate from active duty or the Selected Reserves with a remaining service obligation. Everyone who joins the military for the first time receives a total 8 year military service commitment. Certain voluntary training programs (such as pilot and other training intensive programs), may extend that commitment. For example, a Solider who enlists in the Army for a two year enlistment program, and then separates, would remain in the IRR, subject to recall to active duty, for six years after discharge.

The Army has three types of physical musters: readiness musters, personnel accountability musters, and unit affiliation musters.

Readiness Musters

The readiness muster is intended for Soldiers who have been assigned to the IRR for more than 12 months. It is a one-day event, conducted at a specified Army base, consisting of readiness and personnel accountability tasks such as a Reserve Component orientation brief, records review, security clearance updates, medical and dental screening, identification card issue, presentation of training and unit opportunities, and exit surveys.

There will be eight readiness musters conducted between March and June at the following different locations: 22 Jan Orlando, FL (VA center)
29 Jan Phoenix, AZ (VA center)
12/13 Feb Long Beach, CA (VA center)
26 Feb Nashville, TN (VA center)
05 Mar Portland, OR (VA center)
12 Mar Tampa FL (VA center)
19/20 Mar Dallas, TX (USAR center)
26 Mar Houston, TX (USAR center)
2/3 Apr New York NY(VA center)
09 Apr Philadelphia, PA (USAR center)
16 Apr Denver, CO (VA center)
30/1 May Chicago, IL (VA center)
7/8 May Minneapolis, MN (USAR center)
14 May Washington DC (VA center)
21 May Tacoma, WA (VA center)
04 Jun Boston, MA (VA center)
11 Jun Temple, TX (VA center)
25 Jun Atlanta, GA (USAR center)
16 Jul Fayetteville, NC (VA center)
23 Jul Ann Arbor, MI (VA center)

The personnel accountability muster is intended for Soldiers in the first 12 months of being assigned to the IRR. The purpose of this muster is to educate the Soldier on participation requirements and present training and promotion opportunities. They are also offered the Post Deployment Health Reassessment Program and are required to update their personal information. The Army plans to conduct personnel accountability musters at more than 450 Army Reserve Centers in the continental United States and abroad.

Unit Affiliation Musters

This is intended for IRR members who have been affiliated with a specific Selected Reserve Unit. The unit affiliation muster is currently a test program, and involves a visit by the IRR Soldier to a Reserve unit in addition to muster activities.

Soldiers remain members of the IRR until their total military service obligation expires. Officers are required to submit a request for resignation of their commission to be removed from the IRR rolls. Soldiers who retire after 20 years of service are not kept in the IRR unless it is of their own accord. Persons who are unsure of their status may telephone the Communications Hub Office of U.S. Army Human Resources Command at 1-800-318-5298.

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