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Navy Cargo Handling Battalion


Definition: (DOD) A mobile logistics support unit capable of worldwide deployment in its entirety or in specialized detachments. It is organized, trained, and equipped to: a. load and off-load Navy and Marine Corps cargo carried in maritime prepositioning ships and merchant breakbulk or container ships in all environments; b. to operate an associated temporary ocean cargo terminal; c. load and offload Navy and Marine Corps cargo carried in military-controlled aircraft; d. to operate an associated expeditionary air cargo terminal.Also called CHB, Three sources of Navy Cargo Handling Battalions are: a. Navy Cargo Handling and Port Group--The active duty, cargo handling, battalion-sized unit composed solely of active duty personnel. Also called NAVCHAPGRU. b. Naval Reserve Cargo Handling Training Battalion--The active duty, cargo handling training battalion composed of both active duty and reserve personnel. Also called NRCHTB. c. Naval Reserve Cargo Handling Battalion--A reserve cargo handling battalion composed solely of selected reserve personnel. Also called NRCHB.

See also maritime prepositioning ships.

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