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Definition: (DOD) 1. An analysis of a foreign situation, development, or trend that identifies its major elements, interprets the significance, and appraises the future possibilities and the prospective results of the various actions that might be taken. 2. An appraisal of the capabilities, vulnerabilities, and potential courses of action of a foreign nation or combination of nations in consequence of a specific national plan, policy, decision, or contemplated course of action. 3. An analysis of an actual or contemplated clandestine operation in relation to the situation in which it is or would be conducted in order to identify and appraise such factors as available and needed assets and potential obstacles, accomplishments, and consequences.

See also intelligence estimate.

4. In air intercept, a code meaning, "Provide a quick estimate of the height/depth/range/size of designated contact," or "I estimate height/depth/range/size of designated contact is __________________________."

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