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G.I. Bill and Tuition Assistance

There are different versions of the Montgomery G.I. Bill for both active duty and reserves. Additionally, all of the active duty services, and many of the reserve services offer Tuition Assistance (TA) to help pay for college courses while in the military.

Air Force College Tuition Assistance
The Air Force offers airmen several programs to advance their voluntary education goals including 100% Tuition Assistance for college courses taken during voluntary off-duty hours.

Military Spouse Tuition Assistance
Eligible military spouses are now able to receive up to $6,000 of tuition assistance that can help them pursue education, training, licenses, certificates and degrees leading to employment in in what the military calls "portable career fields.

GI Bill for the 21st Century
Congress has revamped the GI Bill for military members (including active duty, Reserves, and National Guard), who have at least 90 days of active duty service after September 11, 2001. The new program, commonly referred to as the "GI Bill for the 21st Century," offers substantial increases in monthly education benefits.

Active Duty MGIB for Guard and Reservists
Guardsmen and reservists whose active duty time is extended past the normal 12-month call-up may be eligible for active duty-level benefits of the Montgomery GI Bill under certain circumstances. Reserve-component personnel are now eligible for the greater active-duty benefit when their active-duty time is extended to 24 or more months.

Active Duty G.I. Bill
The active duty Montgomery G.I. Bill provides thousands of dollars in education benefits, in exchange for a reduction in military pay of $100 per month for the first year of active duty service.

Education Benefits
Part 8 of What the Recruiter Never Told You, the ultimate guide for joining the military. In part 8, all about education benefits offered by the U.S. Military, such as the Montgomery G.I. Bill, and Tuition Assistance, as well as an overview of attending college while in the military.

G.I. Bill Usage
Half of all service members eligible for Montgomery GI Bill benefits regularly do not use them, according to Department of Veterans Affairs officials.

GI Bill History
Brief history of the education incentive known as the "GI Bill."

Guard and Reserve G.I. Bill
The Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserve (chapter 1606, of Title 10, U. S. Code) is an educational assistance program enacted by Congress to attract high quality men and women into the reserve branch of the Armed Forces. This program is for members of the Selected Reserve of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, and the Army and Air National Guard.

Montgomery GI Bill Overview
The Montgomery GI Bill (Active Duty) Program provides education benefits to individuals who enter active duty for the first time after 30 June 1985, and received an honorable discharge. Active duty includes full time National Guard duty performed after 29 November 1989.

National Guard Education Benefits
In addition to federal education benefits, all states offer additional educational benefits for members of the National Guard. These programs are operated, funded, and managed under the laws of the individual state. State education benefits for National Guard members can be found on this page.

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