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2010 Military Pay and Benefit Changes

Reserve Forces Size


Updated November 02, 2009

The 2010 Defense Authorization Act is now law. The act includes many changes in how the military is funded and operates in 2010.

Section 411 of the act sets the maximum size of the DOD Reserve branches as follows:

Army Reserves: 205,000 (no change from last year)
Army National Guard: (358,200 more than last year)
Air Force Reserves: 69,500 (2,100 more than last year)
Air National Guard: 106,700 (56 less than last year)
Navy Reserves: 65,500 (1,200 less than last year)
Marine Corps Reserves: 39,600 (no change from last year)

Note: Section 417 of the act authorizes the Secretaries of each service to increase the above end strengths by 2 percent, if necessary to accomplish the mission.


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