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2009 Military Average Annual Salary

Enlisted Personnel


Updated January 12, 2009

Below is the 2009 Average Annual Salary Chart for military enlisted personnel with more than 20 years of military service (for those with 20 years or less of service, see this chart ).

It's really impossible to produce an actual annual salary chart. This is because there are many variables to military pay.

Some jobs are entitled to flight pay, continuation bonuses and special pay, and some jobs are not. Some people live in free on-base government quarters (barracks or base housing) and others live off-base and receive a housing allowance. The amount of the housing allowance depends on the person's location, and whether or not they have dependents.

The below chart shows average annual military salary for enlisted members, to include base pay, average housing allowance, monetary food allowance, and the "tax advantage" of untaxed allowances. The charts do not include items such as overseas housing allowance, overseas COLA (cost of living allowance), enlistment or reenlistment bonuses, or other bonuses and allowances that many servicemembers are entitled to.

For more information about pay and benefit changes for 2009, see FY 2009 Military Authorization Act.

Military pay is based upon grade (rank) and years of service:

Annual Salary

Paygrade 22 24 26 28 30
E-9 94,502.96 97,328.10 101,704.59 101,704.59 105,713.93
E-8 84,202.54 85,534.54 88,860.83 88,860.83 90,100.67
E-7 76,702.10 77,650.18 81,250.18 81,250.18 81,250.18
E-6 66,155.53 66,155.53 66,155.53 66,155.53 -
E-5 56,468.72 56,468.72 56,468.72 - -
Paygrade 32 34 36 38 40
E-9 105,713.93 109,929.52 109,929.52 114,356.30 114,356.30

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