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FY 2008 Military Overseas Per Diem Rates

Other Areas Not Listed


Temporary Duty Per Diem is payable when a military member is performing temporary duty (TDY) at a location different from where they are stationed. (Note: TDY is different than being "deployed." Individuals who are "deployed" to "field conditions," like Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, etc., do not receive Per Diem, as they are considered to be under "field conditions.)" Military members in initial entry training (basic training and job training) also do not receive Per Diem.

The rates below are for periods of time that the member is actually performing TDY duty at the location. Per diem rates when the member is in a travel status (traveling from one location to another) are completely different.

The "Lodging Rate" shows the maximum amount the military can reimburse the member for lodging expenses for that area. Lodging reimbursement is, however, based on the actual cost of the lodging. For example, if the lodging rate is $55, and the member stays at a hotel that costs $40 per night, the member will only be reimbursed $40 per night (actual lodging expenses). If, on the other hand, the lodging rate is $55, and the member stays at a hotel that costs $70 per night, the member will only be reimbursed $55 per night (the maximum authorized lodging rate). If the member's TDY is to a military installation, he/she is not allowed to stay off-base (in a hotel/motel), unless they receive a statement of non-availability of government quarters from the base billeting office. If the member does not receive this statement, then he/she will only be reimbursed for the cost of on-base lodging (which is usually far below the cost of off-base hotels/motels).

For meal reimbursement, the member is entitled to the "Local Meals Rate" rate if there are no government meals (chow hall) available, and/or the member is not directed to consume government meals in their TDY orders, and/or there are no government quarters available, and the member is staying off-base.

The "Proportional Meals" rate is used if government quarters are available, and government meals (chow hall) are available, and the member's TDY orders direct that the member consume at least one government meal per day. (Note: If the TDY orders require that the member consume all three meals -- breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- in the Chow Hall, then the member receives the "Government Meal" rate for that base, which is normally about 1/2 of the Proportional Meal Rate).

The "Incidentals" column indicates additional daily pay a member receives if they stay off base in order to pay for incidentals.

The "Max Per Diem" rate is the maximum amount of daily TDY Per Diem authorized to be paid for that location.


2008 Per Diem Rates

Locality Season Begin Season End Lodging Local Meals Prop Meals Incidentals Max Per Diem
ALL PLACES NOT LISTED 01/01 12/31 35 16 13 4 55

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