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What bothers Molino is when people say they don't need help from Military One Source because of their unit assignment. "I heard that in some units they say, 'We're in an Army Ranger unit,' (or) 'We're in a Navy SEAL unit, and we don't need that kind of support,'" Molino said. "That's utter nonsense! If the pipe breaks in the middle of the night in the home of a Navy SEAL, you need a plumber just as badly as somebody else."

"When you figure out that this is a great resource that provides help, you ought take advantage of it," Molino said.

He pointed out when service members are deployed, they can put their minds at ease knowing that if their family needs help, it's only a phone call away.

Putting himself in that position, Molino said, "I would find it very comfortable to know that my family back home has that option, that service available. And they don't have to wait for the family center to open. They don't have to find a way to get to the family center. My wife wouldn't have to find a way to have the children taken care of.

"We can do things instantly, any time of the day or night," he continued. "If there's a language problem, One Source is able to provide services in more than 100 languages, usually in less than a minute's delay."

Military One Source also can be helpful to active duty service members. They don't have to take time off from work or training to solve a problem. All they have to do is call Military One Source, Molino noted.

He emphasized that Military One Source counseling service isn't mental health counseling, or counseling for an illness that might be burdening somebody.

"We have a health care system that provides that service," he noted. "This is a different kind of counseling. It's for folks that experience difficulties day to day. Let's say a service member has been deployed. The family has adjusted to his or her absence. Somebody is walking the dog, taking out the garbage. When he comes back, he has to fit back into the family. Others had performed those roles that he traditionally performed. Sometimes that creates friction."

All families have some degree of difficulty, and most of them manage to work through the problem. But sometimes they need a little assistance, and one toll- free phone call can get them that kind of counseling, Molino said.

Military Once Source also is available to National Guardsmen and reservists being called to active duty for Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

"We found that it works as well for guardsmen and reservists, especially because they tend not to be close to military installations," Molino said. "They can get that kind of support through the armory. The Guard and Reserve components initially went in a different direction with a different provider. Then they realized that One Source actually was the gold standard, and they shifted over after about six months."

The toll-free numbers for Military One Source are:

  • From the United States: (800) 342-9647.
  • From outside the United States (where available): (800) 3429-6477.
  • International collect: (484) 530-5747.
Also, registered members can access the Military One Source Web Site (ID and password required, available from your unit).

Above article by By Rudi Williams, American Forces Press Service

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