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2013 Military Spouse of the Year Award


2013 Military Spouse of the Year Award
Rod Powers
Updated February 27, 2013

It's that time of the year again for us to recognize the efforts of our loving civilians who go the extra mile for our Troops and our Nation. While there are many special awards given each year for different reasons, the Military Spouse of the Year Award is something worth mentioning, especially since you can play a part in the selection of the overall winner.

Military Spouse Magazine founded the Military Spouse of the Year Award approximately six years ago. The purpose was to show appreciation, recognition and honor to military spouses throughout the communities of the United States. The nominees are recognized because they truly go above and beyond their spouse's call of duty.

MSOY nominees have introduced initiatives and solutions to address a multitude of topics affecting the military community. Both men and women have shown their skills as leaders within the military spouse community advocating for a variety of issues. The contributions have had a noticeable impact on the communities and country. The efforts of military spouses are great for the overall community, because they help keep focus on the important and necessary issues at hand concerning the United States Military. Oftentimes, while Military members are away on duty, their spouses are working with legislators, volunteering in the community, creating programs, making connections with phone calls and e-mails - - getting others involved with making positive changes. Many spouses commit to advocating important issues from spouse employment and education to family health and those impacted by illness and disabilities.

The Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) Military Spouse of the Year® represents the millions of past and present military spouses who continue to thrive in a wartime environment, dedicate their lives and families to service of a grateful nation and give back to a community in need. It is time for the annual selection of official nominees!

You can play a role in the selection process by selecting your favorite military spouse. You are able to view the profiles of the 18 nominees at www.msoy.militaryspouse.com. You are then able to vote for your candidate March 5, 2013. This national vote will tally up the favorite spouse of each branch of service. One lucky spouse will be named Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year® on March 9, 2013 at the sixth annual Military Spouse of the Year® Awards Ceremony. This ceremony will be held at Fort Myer Officer’s Club followed by a reception at Quarters Seven, the Air Force Chief of Staff’s residence at Joint Base Myer-Henderson-Hall. There will be one branch runner up, one branch Spouse of the Year, and one overall Military Spouse of the Year.

“As America’s warriors have honorably served our nation the past 10 years in deployment after deployment, military spouses have dutifully served here at home,” said Lieutenant General Garry L. Parks (U.S. Marine Corps, Ret.), Chairman of Armed Forces Insurance (AFI). “AFI is delighted to once again sponsor the Military Spouse of the Year® Award, which appropriately recognizes both their personal sacrifices and overall contributions to military families and units that span the world.”

The Armed Forces Insurance Company was founded by military leaders back in 1887. The purpose was to protect the property of the members of our Armed Forces. The organization continues to provide property and casualty insurance to military members throughout the United States and overseas.

Military Spouse magazine, published by Victory Media, is the leading national magazine and online destination for the nation's 1.1 million military spouses. The company also publishes G.I. Jobs magazine and Vetrepreneur magazine, and has created the Buy Veteran movement powered by NaVOBA.

By supporting positive efforts made by others in our community toward the well-being of our Armed Forces and the United States, we are collectively making a difference and paying it forward. What can you do to make a difference?

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