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United States Military Family and Domestic, and Military Divorce

Information and resources about the United States Military Family programs, as well as military-related divorce and separation issues.
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Military Spouse Career Advancement Initiative
The Department of Defense and the Department of Labor have joined together to spend $32 million for a two year test program designed to open the doors to our military spouses of active duty junior enlisted and junior officers for more fulfilling careers.

Operation Hero Miles
Operation Hero Miles used donated frequently flier miles to provide airline tickets for families of military or Defense Department civilian employees injured as a result of their military service anywhere in the world. These tickets cannot be used for any travel unrelated to a medical condition.

DoD Scholarships
Defense Department officials are hoping to attract applicants to the department's new SMART scholarship program for students in science and math disciplines. Students can be offered full scholarships to participate in the "Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation" scholarship program, which was established under the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2006.

Santa on Radar
Preparations are underway at the North Pole for Santa's annual launch, and North American Aerospace Defense Command controllers will be tracking him across the globe from Christmas Eve until he's finished making his drops to all kids of all ages. This Christmas marks the 52nd holiday season NORAD has tracked Santa's flight path.

Gift of Groceries
Anyone can show support for military families this holiday season with a "Gift of Groceries." During the holidays in particular, gift certificates have proven to be handy for food- basket programs by allowing recipients to purchase the groceries they need and prefer, rather than getting food items they might not use.

School Quest
Designed for military families, SchoolQuest is a safe, secure online resource. SchoolQuest is organized so that you can access information that the Military Child Education Coalition has gathered to help you make decisions on future schools on or around military installations.

Service Flags are Back in Style
Rarely seen since World War II, family members of United States Military members are beginning to display United States Service Flags again to honor family members who are members of the United States Military, during the War on Terrorism.

Military Weddings and Honeymoons
Throughout the United States, thoughts of war occupy many people. For those in the military, they are an even greater concern. Recent news articles have reported a dramatic upsurge in the number of military weddings. Even if you only have 72 hours leave for your military wedding and honeymoon, you can still make the most of those three days. In just about every state you needn't travel far to find a special place where couples can enjoy privacy in romantic honeymoon surroundings.

Spouses to Teachers
Spouses to Teachers, DoD's latest endeavor to assist military spouses interested in teaching, is serving a similar purpose as the popular Troops to Teachers program. STT is currently a pilot program in 6 states: California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Texas and Virginia.

Military One Source
The Defense Department has established a "one stop" place to go whenever service members or family members need assistance with any kind of problem. It's called "Military One Source," and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The services include everything from common, everyday difficulties that might face a family to life's most complicated situations.

Military Couples -- Military Married to Military Members
There are about 84,000 military-married-to-military couples in the United States armed forces. These days, it seems that more and more married couples are joining the military together, or -- very common -- falling "in love" in job-training or during the first assignment, and getting married. So, what trials do these couples face that aren't faced by a military member married to a civilian?

Getting Married -- Before or After Military Boot Camp?
If you are planning on joining the military and planning on getting married, there are certain advantages (as well as some disadvantages) to tying that knot before you leave for basic training.

Family Care Plans
Ever wonder what happens to the children of military single-parents or military couples with children when the military member deploys? A program called Family Care Plan ensures they are well taken care of.

Program to adopt an overseas soldier. Invidviduals agree to adopt a deployed soldier and communicate with them via mail, and possibly send care packages.

Casualty Benefit Information
Information about monetary and nonmonetary benefits for widows and surviving family members of active duty personnel who die while on active duty.

Child Care Fees
Department of Defense Child Care Fees for the 2000/2001 school year.

CinCHouse.com, which stands for Commander in Chief of the House, is a source of information for women who are married to the military, either as a member of the U.S. armed forces or as the spouse of an active-duty service member.

Devil Pups
Support Site designed for younger kids of military families.

DODDS School Alumni Listing
Very large listing of DODDS and military school's various alumni associations to include contact information.

Domestic Violence
Explanation of how the military handles domestic violence situations.

Drivers License Requirements
Will your spouse or children be required to get a new drivers license when you PCS? Check out this handy chart.

The eMilitary Site is dedicated to the support of military families and organizations that serve them by providing a global information and referral network on the Internet.

Family Appreciation
Toughestjob.com is a site dedicated to appreciation of military family members. The site allows you to post a message of appreciation, or even send ecards to a military family member "waiting back home."

Family Member Life Insurance Program
Family Servicemans Group Life Insurance (SGLI) (FSGLI) coverage provides life insurance coverage for the spouses and dependent children of all servicemembers (Active Duty and Ready Reserve) who have full-time SGLI coverage.

Gold Star Wives
Organization dedicated to the support of widows and children of deceased service members and veterans.

Internet Services
A full page of Internet services directed toward the military family from your About.com Guide to Family Internet.

Hot list of K-12 schools which have Web pages on the Internet.

Military Brats Online
Connects U.S. children of military members or "military brats" together no matter where they may be.

Military Brats Registry
Large database where military dependents can register to be found, or to find long lost friends.

Military Child Education Coalition
Dedicated to providing a network of schools for the purpose of establishing support systems which address transition and other educational issues for the military child.

Military Family Resource Center
Forms, publications and a searchable database for publications concerning the military family.

The result of years of gathering with other military spouses and seeing that those of us who laugh are much better off than those of us who complain.

Military Spouses Often Parent Solo
Outstanding article about single-parenting directed at military spouses when the servicemember is deployed. From the About.com Guide to Single Parenting.

Military Students
Sponsored by the Defense Department, the site offers advice and resource assistance for school transition issues, military deployments and more.

Mom's Military Market
MSN community dedicated to Military moms, dads, vets, active duty, and retired members.

National Military Families Association
Dedicated to identifying and resolving issues of concerns to military families.

Operation Special Delivery
Provides free Labor Doula (Child Birth) Support to pregnant wives of the U.S. Military members that taking part in Operation Enduring Freedom. Also provides, free Labor Doula Support to the pregnant wives of the U.S. Military members that have become widowed as a direct result of September 11th or Operation Enduring Freedom.

Operation TeddyCare
It's not easy being a kid whose mom or dad is deployed overseas to a combat zone. It can be confusing and lonely, and sometimes, downright scary. That's why a California-based nonprofit group wants to put into every affected military child's hands that quintessentially American yet internationally understood symbol of comfort and friendship: the teddy bear.

Scholarships and Tuition Programs
Information on the G.I. Bill, and other scholarship programs available to military members and military family members.

Shore Duty
A site of support, humor and advice for military spouses.

Spouse Entrepreneurship
Difficulty finding jobs is a common problem among the 700,000+ spouses of active duty military service people. Unemployment tends to be much higher than for the general public. Some military spouses are starting their own businesses as a way to cope with the lifestyle demands of military marriage.

Sweetheart Jewelry
Feature article from the About.com Guide for Antiques about the origin and significance of military "sweetheart jewelry."

Teens on the Move
Military teenage dependents getting ready to make a move will find this a great resource.

All about a new magazine for military family members, from your About.com Guide to Pensacola.

WIC Expansion
Details about expanding the WIC Program overseas in calendar year 2000.

Military Spouse Headquarters
Articles, news, and guides, directly especially toward military spouses.

Military Moms
Site dedicated to support and encouragement for all military families.

2013 Military Spouse of the Year Award
Military Spouse Magazine and Armed Forces Insurance select the nominees for the 2013 Military Spouse of the Year award. The winner will be selected March 9, 2013.

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