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Note: This MOS no longer exists. The information below is maintained here for historical purposes, only.

Major duties. (Note: This is not an entry-level job). The special purpose equipment repairer supervises the performance of unit, direct support and general support special purpose equipment maintenance activities to include: (1) Power Generation Equipment; (2) Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Systems; and (3) Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment. Performs maintenance management activities, including production and quality control. Provides technical guidance and training.

Physical demands rating and qualifications for initial award of MOS. Special purpose equipment repairers must possess the following qualifications:

Additional skill identifiers.

    (1) P5--Master Fitness Trainer.

    (2) 2S--Battle Staff Operations (skill level 3 and above).

    (3) 4A--Reclassification Training.

Training/School Information

Information derived from Army Pamplet 611-21

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