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21S -- Topographic Surveyor


Basic Job Description

The topographic surveyor supervises or conducts surveys to provide control data for map making and/or artillery support and supervises or performs topographic or geodetic computations.

Duties performed by Soldiers in this MOS include:

Records topographic survey data, operates survey instruments, and performs topographic computations. Constructs and erects survey towers/stands. Transports, sets up, operates, and maintains equipment according to written, oral or visual instructions from supervisors. Prepares abstracts of field data for final computations. Assists in the emplacement/recovery of control stations and prepares station descriptions cards. Computes abstracted survey data for final tabulation of survey project.

Transports, sets up, operates and maintains equipment according to written, oral or visual instructions from supervisors. Makes field checks to ensure field measurements meet project specifications/classifications. Performs observations, compares, and standardizes/calibrates survey equipment. Computes and adjusts first, second and third order horizontal/vertical control surveys. Computes elevations of tidal benchmarks and baselines. Performs preliminary/field computation to verify field observations for control surveys and computes preliminary values of horizontal and vertical control points. Determines and writes equations used in least square adjustments. Transforms, in the same system, coordinates and azimuths from one zone to adjacent zones. Operates and writes programs for programmable electronic calculators. Directs and controls personnel when acting as a survey party chief.

Training Information

15 weeks, 0 days at at Fort Belvoir, Virginia

ASVAB Score Required: 95 in aptitude area ST

Security Clearance: None

Strength Requirement: moderately heavy

Physical Profile Requirement: 211212

Other Requirements


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