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12P -- Prime Power Production Specialist


Basic Job Description

The prime power production specialist supervises, operates, installs and maintains electric power plant and associated auxiliary systems and equipment.

Duties performed by Soldiers in this MOS include:

Operates and maintains electrical power plants. Performs mechanical, electrical and instrumentation functions necessary to install and prepare power station equipment for initial startup. Analyzes plant equipment and system operating characteristics to determine operational condition. Repairs or overhauls generating equipment and associated systems components.

Supervises the installation, operation or maintenance of prime power plants and associated systems and equipment. Directs preparation of power plant equipment for movement, storage and installation. Serves as technical inspector to determine faulty operation/maintenance practices. Determines and isolates complex malfunctions, utilizing diagnostic tests, and troubleshooting techniques. Determines repair/overhaul required, cost effectiveness, and method of accomplishment for power plant equipment and associated systems.

Training Information

29 weeks, 0 days at Fort Belvoir, VA

ASVAB Score Required: 107 in aptitude area ST, 110 in GT, and 107 in EL

Security Clearance: Secret

Strength Requirement: very heavy.

Physical Profile Requirement: 222221

Other Requirements

Similar Civilian Occupations

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  • Stationary Engineers and Boiler Operators
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