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Army Enlisted Job Descriptions and Qualification Factors

Field 13 -- Field Artillery


Sgt. Zachary Mahaffey, a Field Artillery Firefinder RADAR Operator with Battery A, 26th Field Artillery Regiment (Target Acquisition Battery), 41st Fires Brigade, starts a generator at Fort Hood, Texas Sep. 26. Mahaffey and his fellow team members are competing in a battery level competition to find out which of two radar sections is the best
U.S. Army photo / Sgt. Garett Hernandez, 41st Fires Brigade Public Affairs

Army enlisted jobs are called "MOSs," or "Military Occupation Secialties."

The Army divides their MOSs into "Fields," of jobs that have similar missions. Below are the MOSs that belong to the Field Artillery Field:

13B - Cannon Crewmember

13D - Field Artillery Automated Tactical Data Systems Specialist

13F - Fire Support Specialist

13M - Multiple Launch Rocket System Crewmember

13P - Multiple Launch Rocket System Operations/Fire Direction Specialist

13R - Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator

13T - Field Artillery Surveyor/Meteorological Crewmember

13Z - Field Artillery Senior Sergeant

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