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Navy Enlisted Rating (Job) Descriptions

Submarine Community


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The Navy calls their enlisted jobs "ratings." Similar ratings are placed into various "communities."

Below are the Navy enlisted ratings that fall into the Submarine Community. Click on each rating designator to read a basic job description, as well as basic qualification criteria established to obtain the particular rating.

CS(SS) - Culinary Specialist (Submarine)

ET COM - Electronics Technician (Communications)

ET NAV - Electronics Technician (Navigation)

FT - Fire Control Technician

MM AUX - Machinist Mate (Auxilary Equipment)

MM WEP - Machinist Mate (Weapons)

MT - Missile Technican

SK(SS) - Storekeeper (Submarine)

STS - Sonar Technician (Submarine)

YN(SS) - Yeoman (Submarine)

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