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Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions

MOS 8911 -- Billet Designator -Barracks and Grounds Marine


Type of MOS : FMOS

Rank Range: Gysgt to Pvt

Job Description: Barracks and grounds Marines supervise the policing and minor maintenance of barracks and grounds; supervise or assist in the supervision of, training, routine administration, and employment of units.

Job Requirements:

(1) Not to be assigned to personnel either as a primary or additional MOS.

(2) To be used only as a billet designator in T/O's.


(1) Supervises working parties in maintaining barracks, buildings, and grounds in a clean, sanitary, and orderly condition.

(2) Makes periodic inspections of plumbing, electrical equipment, and other building components and arranges for required repairs.

(3) Maintains a stock of tools, equipment, and housekeeping gear to supply working parties.

(4) Services buildings and materials such as light bulbs and towels.

(5) Makes bunk assignments and issues lockers and bedding.

(6) Performs preventive maintenance and makes minor repairs to tools and equipment.

(7) Requisitions supplies and equipment.

(8) Accompanies inspecting officer on tours of inspection and prepares reports pertaining to unsanitary or faulty conditions.

(9) Assists in the supervision of a unit engaged in enforcing military regulations and guarding lives and property at a military installation.

(10) Inspects and determines condition of unit weapons and equipment.

(11) Initiates action to correct deficiencies.

(12) Supervises preparation of unit correspondence, reports, schedules, and rosters.

(13) Organizes and supervises the necessary housekeeping functions within the organization.

(14) Conducts or supervises subordinates conducting training in military subjects.

Related Department of Labor Occupation Codes :

No civilian equivalent.

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Above information derived from MCBUL 1200, parts 2 and 3

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