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Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions

MOS 5979 -- Tactical Air Operations Module/Air Defense Technician


Type of MOS : PMOS

Rank Range: MSgt to Pvt

Job Description: Tactical air operations module/air defense technicians perform and supervise installation, alignment, inspection, testing, maintenance and repair of electronic assemblies and subassemblies, fiber optic cables, and system software of Marine Corps Air Defense Systems to include the Tactical Air Operations Module (TAOM, Air Defense Communications Platform (ADCP), Sector Anti-air Warfare Facility (SAAWF), Tactical Defense Alert Radar (TDAR) and Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) Weapon Systems.

Job Requirements:

(1) Must possess an EL score of 110 or higher. HQMC APC is the waiver approval authority.

(2) Complete the Basic Electronics Course.

(3) Complete the Tactical Air Operations Module (TAOM) Maintenance Course.

(4) Complete the Avenger System Repair Course, U.S. Army Missile and Munitions Center and School, Redstone Arsenal, AL.

(5) Must be eligible for a secret security clearance.

(6) Must have a minimum of 1-year high school algebra.

(7) Must have normal color vision.

(8) Must be a U.S. citizen.


(1) Cpl to Pvt:

    (a) Demonstrates knowledge of basic electricity and electronics, including theory of digital and analog solid-state circuitry.

    (b) Assembles and disassembles the Avenger Weapons System to include preparation for storage and shipment.

    (c) Installs, adjusts, maintains, and repairs air defense equipment using schematic diagrams and fault isolation procedures to include tactical air defense alert radar.

    (d) Performs authorized modifications to equipment.

    (e) Performs basic system administration task on all equipment groups of the TDS.

    (f) Aligns/Adjusts the peripheral equipment inputs for proper operation.

    (g) Aligns/Adjusts the peripheral equiplnent input for proper operation.

    (h) Identifies system malfunctions by utilizing operational and diagnostic computer programs, operations and maintenance panel indications, and other inherent self-test features.

    (i) Restores system operation by substituting a good subassembly for a defective one.

    (j) Uses special test equipment such as digital, analog and power supply test sets, general-purpose test equipment, and maintenance publications for the isolation of defective parts on a subassembly.

    (k) Uses normal and special hand tools to remove and replace parts on all TDS subassemblies, replace cable connectors, and wire the printed circuit board connectors per approved instructions.

    (l) Uses the Marine Corps Technical Publications System to obtain identifying data on parts or maintenance float items in equipment maintenance.

    (m) Prepares requisitions for parts and maintenance float items required in equipment maintenance.

    (n) Performs maintenance standards checks and/or preventive maintenance on TDS equipment groups, special test equipments, and tools.

    (o) Accumulates, records, interprets, and reports equipment maintenance history.

    (p) Prepares the TDS for deployment.

    (q) Uses the secondary repairable items program and the recoverable items program to restore defective electronics equiprrent to serviceable condition.

    (r) Monitors supply action on requisitions.

(2) MSgt to Sgt:

    (a) Installs, adjusts, maintains, and repairs the air defense equipment.

    (b) Supervises maintenance shop operations to include: work scheduling, production flow, and record maintenance.

    (c) Conducts maintenance-training programs.

    (d) Prepares and submits operational reports, forms and logs.

    (e) Utilizes the fundamentals of electronics and electricity to analyze schematics, diagnose faults, and affect repairs on faulty circuits.

    (f) Uses functions of arithmetic, control, storage, input and output units of electronic digital computers, principles of data storage, computer control, input and output devices, and computer programming.

    (g) Reads and understands wiring units, logic units, schematics, and technical data in publications on digital circuitry of TDS.

    (h) Utilizes operating functions and missions of various centers of TDS.

    (i) Utilizes operational function of TDS as related to tactical data systems of other military services.

    (j) Utilizes theory of transmission lines, propagation, propagation characteristics, and setting requirements for HF radio and tropospheric scatter systems.

    (k) Installs, operates, performs periodic checks, and repairs digital circuitry of TDS terminal group and general and special purpose computers, buffers, and other associated peripheral equipment.

    (l) Uses special test equipment such as digital card testers, module test sets, and dual trace oscilloscopes (distortion and wave analyzers) for detecting system malfunctions.

    (m) Installs, operates, performs periodic checks, makes adjustments, and repairs modules and cards of the elements of the TDS.

    (n) Performs fault isolation and repair of etched circuit boards, modules, and subassemblies using card testers, module testers, and other special test equipment.

    (o) Performs minor maintenance on all special purpose test equipment used to repair cards and modules of the data system.

    (p) Keeps necessary records of maintenance performed, reporting system failures, and re-supply of failed parts.

    (q) Assists the data systems maintenance officer in the performance of his duties.

Related Department of Labor Occupation Codes :

(1) Electronics Mechanic 828.281-010, and 828.261-022.

(2) Supervisor, Electronics Systems Maintenance 828.161-010.

Related Marine Corps Jobs:

(1) TACC Repairer, 5962.

(2) TACC Technician, 5974.

Above information derived from MCBUL 1200, parts 2 and 3

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