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Army Enlisted Job Descriptions

Field 35--Military Intelligence


Military Soldier
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The Army and Marine Corps call their enlisted job specialties, "MOS's," or "Military Occupation Specialties.

Below are the Army MOS's that fall into the Military Intelligence Field:

35F - Intelligence Analyst

35G - Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst

35L - Counter Intelligence Agent

35M - Human Intelligence Collector

35N - Signals Intelligence Analyst

35P - Cryptologic Linguist

35Q - Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialist

35S - Signals Collector/Analyst

35T - Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer/Integrator

35V - Signals Intelligence Senior Sergeant/Sigint Chief (add 1404/120-05) Intelligence Systems Maintainer/Integrator

35X - Intelligence Senior Sergeant/Chief Intelligence Sergeant

35Y - Counter-Intelligence/Human Intelligence Senior Sergeant

35Z - Signals Intelligence Senior Sergeant(del 1410 / 1210 - 05)

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