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United States Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions and Qualification Factors



The ammunition and EOD OccFld includes planning, operations, and management related to a very hazardous group of materiel. These MOSs require personnel who are mature, mentally sound, and have evidenced a willingness and capability to perform their assigned duties in a reliable manner. The duties MOSs in this field are as follows: the ammunition technician handles, transports, and stores all type of ammunition, explosives, missiles, inspects materiel to determine serviceability and need for repair or destruction; the EOD technician provides the commander with the capability to neutralize hazards associated with conventional explosive ordnance, weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and improvised explosive devices (IED), and conducts ordnance technical intelligence and dynamic explosive entry.

Below are the Marine Corps Enlisted Military Occupation Specialties which are organized under this occupational field:

2311 --Ammunition Technician

2336 --Explosive Ordnance Disposal

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