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Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions

MOS 0648 -- Strategic Spectrum Manager


Type of MOS : NMOS

Rank Range: MGySgt to SSgt

Job Description: The primary purpose of the strategic spectrum manager is to manage the command's/activity's requirement, assignment, and use of radio frequencies. Radio frequency managers must be trained in fundamentals of spectrum analysis, in international/national/DoD allocation and assignment procedures, in the effects of EMC/EMI on the frequency spectrum, in terrain analysis, and in DoD/military service's spectrum management programs and systems. Radio frequency managers normally work under the cognizance of the G-6/CEO and must be knowledgeable of all organic equipment requiring the use of a radio frequency (tactical and commercial radios, radars, sensors, silent alarms, radio modems, etc.). The radio frequency manager must be capable of computing the command's/activity's need for radio frequencies and requesting the assignment of frequencies from the appropriate command or frequency management activity. They must be capable of preparing a radio frequency plan or spectrum management standard operating procedure to assure adequate assignment of radio frequencies and minimum interference among radio frequency users. This MOS will be assigned and voided only by authority of the CMC (MM) and assigned only to Marines holding MOS 0619, 0629, 0699, or 5939.

Job Requirements:

(1) Must have obtained the rank of staff sergeant or above.

(2) Complete the Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Course at the Technical Training Center, Keesler AFB, MS.

(3) Must have two years of active duty remaining upon completion of training.

(4) Must have a secret security clearance.

(5) Must be a U.S. citizen.

Duties: For a complete listing of duties and tasks, refer to NAVMC Directive 3500.106, Communications Training and Readiness Manual.

Related Department of Labor Occupation Codes :

No civilian equivalent.

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Above information derived from MCBUL 1200, parts 2 and 3

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