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United States Military Education and Training Programs

Information and resources about education and training programs in and related to the United States Military, including college programs, commissioning programs, technical schools and advanced training, military boarding schools, and related military training programs and procedures.
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Education and Training FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about U.S. Military Education and Training Programs.

Senior Enlisted Joint Operations Course
A new training course for senior enlisted leaders is giving them skills that are proving invaluable in Southwest Asia. The senior enlisted capstone course, introduced last year, mirrors the capstone course general and flag officers receive. Topics cover the life cycle of a joint task force: forming a joint task force, developing joint manning documents, joint command and control, joint basing, and integrating special operations forces.

DLI's Arabic Language Program
DLIFLC’s Arabic-language program is centered in Middle East I School, known as MAS, and Middle East 2 School, referred to as MBS. DLI teaches Modern Standard Arabic, a refined form of the language that is spoken throughout the Middle East.

Training Restrictions
Frequently Asked Questions about the United States Military. What kind of restrictions on my free time (off duty) is there during follow-on schools, after boot camp?

A&P Licenses
The Department of Defense (DoD) partnered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to give enlisted aircraft mechanics in the military the same credentials as their civilian counterparts. Under the new program, military enlisted aircraft mechanics who meet the basic qualifications can receive an FAA A&P (airframes and power plants) license.

Education Benefits
Part 8 of What the Recruiter Never Told You, the ultimate guide for joining the military. In part 8, all about education benefits offered by the U.S. Military, such as the Montgomery G.I. Bill, and Tuition Assistance, as well as an overview of attending college while in the military.

College Loan Repayment Program (CLRP)
The College Loan Repayment Program is an enlistment incentive. Like other enlistment incentives authorized by Congress, each of the services are free to offer the program, or not, as they see fit, in order to meet their established recruiting goals. Under the program, the military will repay a portion of eligible college loans for non-prior service enlisted military members.

The Defense Language Institute (DLI)
Interested in a military "language job?" Check out the "been there, done that" article about the DLI by Trish, a member of our message forum.

Diploma Mills
Expect to get promotion points for a college degree that requires no class work or tests? Think again, warn Department of Defense education specialists. A diploma mill is a college or university that operates primarily to make money, often offering college credit for life experiences rather than any formal education. As far as the military is concerned, such degrees are worthless.

Jump School
When you think about the term 'paratroopers,' you probably think about the U.S. Army. And, the Army does have more paratroopers than any of the other services. However, all of the services have troops who are trained to jump out of perfectly good aircraft, and all of those troops go through the same training at the Army's Airborne School.

The Perfect University
The perfect university has high academic standards, moral discipline, free tuition, free meals, and free room and board. Impossible? Nope. The United Statres Military Service Academies fit the bill perfectly.

Transforming the Way the Military Trains
The joint force is now a reality, and the American military must train as it fights. To that end, the Department of Defense is transforming the way the services train.

Student Loans
Military personnel who have been deployed or mobilized are not required to make student loan payments during their absences. Federal regulations require lenders to postpone the student loan program payments of active duty military personnel. This applies to members of the Guard and Reserves who have been called to active duty.

Armed Forces Medical School
Attend Medical School in exchange for a seven year active duty commitment.

College Degree Plan
Information on earning you degree while on active duty, in a minimal amount of time, from somebody that has done it.

College Credits for Military Courses
ACE Guide reccomended credits for military courses.

Information about using DANTES for college credits.

The Defense Information School
Public Affairs/Media/Journalism training for members of the military and DOD.

The Defense Language Institute
The "Unofficial Student's Guide to the Defense Language Institute" contains lots of detailed information about this joint-service school that the military uses to teach foreign languages.

GI Bill Colleges
GI Bill Colleges offers a wide selection of online degree programs from the best colleges around. GI Bill also offers a large selection of online education articles written with military, active duty, and former, in mind.

Scholarships and Tuition Programs
Information on the G.I. Bill, and other scholarship programs available to military members and military family members.

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
4 Year Academy which graduates officers for the U.S. Merchant Marines

VA Education Benefits
Education Benefits (including the G.I. Bill) provided by the Veterans Administration.

New 2012-13 Montgomery GI Bill Rates
New 2012-2013 Montgomery GI Bill Rates have been announced by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This article also includes some helpful educational programs which are managed by the VA.

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