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Military Divorce & Separation Issues

Military Divorce & Separation Issues. Information and resources concerning divorce and separation for active duty military and family members, including information on divorce lawyers, garnishment, child support, financial concerns, support, applicable regulations, and more.
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Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act in Detail
Detailed examination of all aspects of the Soldier's and Sailor's Civil Relief Act of 1940, including references and legal citations.

Military Divorce Rates
The military divorce rate continues to climb slightly over previous years, according to Department of Defense statistics. The overall divorce rate for military personnel during fiscal year 2008 was 3.4 percent, compared to 3.3 percent in 2007 and 2006.

Army Divorce Rates Drop
Soldiers and their spouses are flocking to new and beefed-up programs to help them strengthen their marriages, and a dip in divorce rates appears to show it's having a positive effect. Divorce rates among Army officers dropped a whopping 61 percent last year following a 2004 spike that sent shudders through the service.

Reducing the Military Divorce Rate
Recognizing the stresses military life and multiple deployments put on families, the services are stepping up their efforts to help their members strengthen their family relationships and avoid the divorce courts.

Jurisdiction and Division of Military Retired Pay After Divorce
Jurisdiction and division of retired pay per the provisions of the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA).

Military Divorce and Separation -- Special Congressional Protections Apply
Special laws apply for some aspects of military divorce and separation procedures. Attorney Erik Bjornson gives a brief overview.

Frequently Asked Questions -- Divorce & Separation
Frequently asked questions about divorce and separation issues in the United States Military.

Adultery in the Military
Is adultery in the United States military still a punishable crime? Well, that depends upon the specific circumstances of the case.

Legal Residence
Explaination of "legal residence" for military personnel, along with requirements to change your residence.

State by State Divorce Laws
Laws, Statutes, and policies of various states.

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