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Financial Concerns

Military Separation and Divorce - Financial Concerns. Military personnel are required by law to provide adequate support to their dependents. Information, links and articles about support issues, garnishment, child support, alimony, and other financial concerns during a military divorce process.

Child and Spouse Support and Garnishment in the U.S. Military
Part 2 of a multi-part article all about military-related domestic situations, such as divorce & separation. In part II, all about child & spouse support (alimony), garnishment, and involuntary allotments.

Active Duty Pay Charts
Basic Pay Charts for 1 Jan 2000 and 1 Jul 2000. Also BAS and BAH Pay Charts.

Active Duty Pay Charts for 1999.
Active duty military pay charts, to include basic and BAS for CY 1999.

Child Support & Alimony Garnishment
Got a garnishment order for Child Support or Alimony? Step-by-step on how the Defense Finance Accounting Office handles garnishment orders.

Child Support/Alimony Garnishment FAQ
FAQ from the DFAS about Child Support and Alimony garnishment procedures.

Air Force Spouse and Child Support
Air Force Instruction 36-2906 - PERSONAL FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, which discusses an Air Force member's responsibility to provide financial support to dependents.

Army Family Member Support
Army Regulation 608-99 -- Family Support, Child Custody, And Paternity, which discusses a soldier's responsibility to provide adequate financial support to dependents.

BAH & Family Support
Overall DOD policy concerning the receipt of BAH with dependent rates, and responsibility to provide for family support. Requires Acrobat Reader.

Federal Child Support Enforcement Page
Having troubles collecting child support? Get help from the Feds on the Federal Child Support Enforcement Page.

Navy Financial Support
Article describing the Navy's policy on active duty member's providing financial support to family members.

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