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Bin Laden Saga Finally SEALed

By Autumn McLeod

Bin Laden Saga Finally SEALed
Updated May 05, 2011

Osama Bin Laden has been killed along with three military aged males and one female used as a human shield during a U.S. special operations raid in Abbottabad, a town 60 miles from Islamabad, Pakistan's capital. Defense agencies and Intelligence led Special Forces (reportedly Navy SEALS), to the 12 to 18 foot high walled compound after years of collecting information as to where Osama could be hiding. The Abbottabad Compond had been pinpointed as a potential hideout by Intelligence as far back as August of last year. It seems an accumulation of intelligence had led to the discovery of Bin Laden's whereabouts, not any one specific piece of information.

Reports say Osama and his family dwelled in secret on the second and third floors of the million dollar compound. Neighbors noted that residents (approximately three dozen) of the "hideout" rarely ventured out from the walls, they burned their garbage, and had no internet or cable connections inside. Reports speculate Osama may have been living at the compound from it's existence sometime after 2004.

Officials would not disclose details of the raid nor confirm that Navy SEALS were tasked for the mission. Residents near the compound report seeing four helicopters hovering over the compound. After the successful mission, the other inhabitants in the compound, mostly women and children, were allowed to stay. Officials report gathering a significant amount of evidence at the raid site, which will be handled by the CIA.

The U.S. did not inform Pakistani officials that they had left with Bin Laden's body. In fact, no one had been informed of the top secret raid until afterwards to ensure operational security. Although there's been skepticism in the past about the accuracy of terrorist intelligence provided to the United States by Pakistan, no indication has led officials to believe the Pakistanis knew Osama was there.

After the raid, Osama's body was taken to the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier located at the Arabian Sea. After no neighboring countries were willing to accept his remains, preparation and burial procedures under Islamic and Muslim traditions were carried out, before Osama Bin Laden's body was tipped into the sea.

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