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United States Military Wars, Deployments, and Conflicts

Information and resources about United States military wars, deployments, and conflicts, including the World Wars, Korean & Vietnam conflicts, the first Gulf War, and the War on Terrorism, including Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Supporting Our Military This Holiday Season
Now is the time to consider mailing your cards and gifts, especially to loved ones overseas. Listed in this article are the many ways you can support your Soldier during the holiday.

Addressing Mail Correctly for Deployed Service Members
Correctly addressing mail for deployed service members is important. In particular, one does not include the name of the base, nor the name of the country when addressing mail through the military postal system for overseas delivery.

Administrative Leave for Frequent Deployments
The Defense Department has unveiled a program that will reward administrative leave to servicemembers whose service in combat does not meet the department's goal for the time at home-station between deployments.

American Battle Monuments
Monuments for battles where Americans have served since World War I.

Are We Too Casual About War?
Is armed conflict becoming too commonplace? Should we casually deploy forces when other countries disagree with us?

Are You Going to be Drafted?
In the wake of the terrorist attacks, many have been wondering if there will be a military draft.What happens during a draft? Who is likely to be drafted? How likely is a draft? Do we really need a draft?

Are You Ready to be Drafted?
Will the United States of America ever resort to a draft other than in event of an actual attack on the Nation? No? What if it was the only way possible to maintain the World's most effective fighting force?

Army Force Generation Model
The new training and deployment cycle being introduced Army-wide will bring more predictable deployment schedules for Army Reservists, their employers active duty soldiers, and and families.

Asian Military Situation
Breakdown of the military capability of various asian nations.

Call-up to Active Duty
Federal law places limits on when and how many military reservists the President or secretaries of the services can call up to active duty. The limitations of how many/how long depends on the reason for the call up. Here are the statutory limitions.

Casualty Statistics
The financial and casualty costs of American wars, from the Revolutionary War to the Gulf War.

Chance of a Military Draft
The idea that the United States needs to return to a military draft is false and mischievous and, in my view, nothing better than a scare technique, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said in a radio interview on October 20 (2004).

Chemical Warfare Agent Fact Sheets
Description symptoms and treatment for the primary chemical weapons threats of today.

Chemical Warfare Defense
Many nations have a considerable variety of lethal and incapacitating chemical agents and the means to deliver them. Here's how the United States Military protects against chemical and biological attacks.

Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct (CoC) is the legal guide for the behavior of U.S. Military members who are captured by hostile forces. The Code of Conduct, in six brief Articles, addresses those situations and decision areas that, to some degree, all military personnel could encounter.

Combat 'Must Have' List
There are some things Marines with combat experience know to be “ must-haves” when serving in a combat zone. Here is a list of the top 20 items combat-experienced Marines of 3rd Platoon, C Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment feel are the most important that a Marine should carry in combat, besides the standard issue of equipment and weapons.

Combat Zone
A member assigned to or deployed to a combat zone receives combat pay at the rate of $225 per month. Being assigned to or working in a combat zone triggers also triggers a tax advantage.

Dear Any Servicemember -- Ways to Support Deployed Servicemembers
The Anthrax threat has resulted in the Any Servicemember mail program and the Dear Abby program. However, there are other ways you can show support to United States Military Members.

Deployment History
Military deployments between 1975 and 1997, as well as number deployed, name of operation, and number of casulties.

Deployment Immunizations
Additional vaccinations required for military personnel to deploy to various locations in the world.

Deployment Pay
As part of the Fiscal Year 2000 Military Appropriations Act (four years ago), Congress passed a provision that mandated that DOD pay members $100 per day for any days they are deployed that exceed 400 days in any 740 day period.

Deployment Risks
Pentagon web site where you can look up specific health risks associated to deployments to various areas.

Do you Know Where your Soldiers Are?
As the U.S. Military gears up for another armed conflict, its personnel and equipment are already committed all over the World.

Dog Tags Found in Vietnam
This site's sole purpose is returning dog tags found from Vietnam to their respective families. The site contains a list of dog tags found in Vietnam, and the sponsors are looking for families to return them to.

Information about the U.S. Army's on-going participation in the multi-national peacekeeping mission in the Sinai.

European Command
News and Information about U.S. and NATO deployments in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Family Care Plans
Ever wonder what happens to the children of military single-parents or military couples with children when the military member deploys? A program called Family Care Plan ensures they are well taken care of.

Geneva Conventions
When one speaks of the Geneva Conventions, they are usually referring to the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, which was ratified in the aftermath of World War II. Here are the articles of the Geneva Conventions relative to the treatment of Prisoners of War (POWs).

Gifts From the Home Front
Gifts from the Homefront certificates can be addressed to "any service member" or individual service members. The certificates, which can be purchased by any individual or civic organization, allow service members to purchase items of necessity and convenience at PX and BX facilities around the world.

Homeland Defense - A Short History
DOD news article detailing the history of Homeland Defense forces in the United States.

Law of Armed Conflict
The LOAC arises from a desire among civilized nations to prevent unnecessary suffering and destruction while not impeding the effective waging of war. A part of public international law, LOAC regulates the conduct of armed hostilities. It also aims to protect civilians, prisoners of war, the wounded, sick, and shipwrecked.

Magazine Articles
Over 20,000 articles from 80 magazines all about military history. (Note: Requires monthly membership fee to access the archived articles.)

Military History Videos
Warner Home Video's mulitmedia web site for the new Military History collection. The collection covers some of the greatest military battles of the 20th century. The Site offers free streaming video clips from the DVDS', as well as a photo gallery and Militay history discussion boards. Clips can be viewed with either RealPlayer or Windows Media Player and are compact enough for dial up users.

Military STOP LOSS
In military terms, "STOP LOSS" means not letting a military member separate or retire, once their required term of service is complete.

Not Home for the Holidays
Over many years, Thanksgiving has become a holiday where friends and family get together to continue the ongoing tradition of sitting around a big dinner table, eating turkey and watching football games on TV. For some military members and their families, this scene may be only an illusion that they can only dream about.

Overseas Mailing Deadlines for Holidays
The dates for mailing items to and from overseas locations in time for the holidays are fast approaching, and Military Postal Service Agency officials have suggestions for ensuring packages and letters arrive on time.

Personal Belongings of the Fallen Troops
Tucked away on a sliver of land at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland is a cluster of ordinary-looking, tan-colored buildings encircled by a chain link fence. What goes on inside these buildings, however, is anything but ordinary.

Pet Foster Care
Thanks to two nonprofit groups service members can now arrange foster care for their pets when they deploy in support of the war, serve tours where they can't take their pets, or even ship off to basic training!

Repatriating Prisoners of War
Someone asked me the other day what happens when an American POW is returned to United States Control. Interesting question....

Service Flags
Blue Star Banners, flags, buttons and pins have emerged across the country during the Global War on Terrorism, providing a silent but powerful reminder of the service members who are fighting. These Blue Star Banners, known as service flags, are used to honor a family member who is a member of the U.S. military during a time of war.

Sole Surviving Son or Daughter
Contrary to popular belief, only sons,""the last son to carry the family name, and sole surviving sons must register for the draft, they can be drafted, and they can serve in combat. However, they may be entitled to a peacetime deferment if there is a military death in the immediate family. In peacetime, they can also apply for a discharge from the military

Support Your Military Members
The anthrax threat has eliminated programs where people can send mail to 'any servicemember.' Don't fear, however. There are plenty of other ways you can show your support for members of the United States Military.

The Cuchi Tunnels
Excellent discription and review of the movie about the Cuchi Tunnels in Vietnam.

Transportation of Remains
Families of fallen military members no longer have to travel as far to pick up their loved one's remains. The 2007 National Defense Appropriations Act directed the Office of the Secretary of Defense to provide military or military-contracted air transport for all Soldiers who die in a combat theater of operations.

U.S. Force Korea
News, information and resources about the U.S. Military's Presence in Korea.

U.S. Military Casualty Notification Process
The military has the responsibility to notify family members in the event a service member is injured or killed. Her's one story of how the process works.

War Letters
The companion site to the PBS documentary based on the Andrew Carroll's New York Times bestseller, War Letters: Extraordinary Correspondence from American Wars. Spanning three centuries and seven wars, War Letters featuresnewly discovered vivid eyewitness accounts of famous battles, intimate declarations of love and longing, and poignant last letters written just hours before soldiers were killed.

War Trophies
Some war trophies are downright sadistic - for example, enemy teeth or body parts. Needless to say, they're banned by military law. But the law doesn't stop there. Some trophies that might seem legitimate also are barred - for example, weapons, ordnance and personal items of enemy soldiers. Even if legal, military members need permission to bring war trophies home.

Wars and Casualties
From the American Revolution to the Gulf War. This Site lists the number who fought, the number who died, and the number still living today.

What Happens During a Military Draft?
The procedures of events that the Selective Service uses during a draft.

Bin Laden Saga Finally SEALed
Osama Bin Laden has been killed along with three military aged males and one female used as a human shield during a U.S. special operations raid in Abbottabad, a town 60 miles from Islamabad, Pakistan's capital.

Should photos be released of Osama's dead body?
There's great debate over whether or not to publish photos of Osama Bin Laden's dead body to the public. Do you think the U.S. should release such photos?

Support Your Military Members
The anthrax threat has eliminated programs where people can send mail to 'any servicemember.' Don't fear, however. There are plenty of other ways you can show your support for members of the United States Military.

TAPS Gears Up
TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) gives statistics and a gleam of hope by supporting families and friends of fallen military members as the Iraq War seemingly comes closer to a close.

D-DAY: JUNE 6, 1944

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